LPN and IV/Phlebotomy certifications

  1. Hi all! I am pondering going on for my RN or staying as an LPN and getting more certifications. I've been working in acute care and doctor's office settings for nearly 2 years now, and am pretty content to stay put license-wise....(aside from the snarky "just an LPN??" remarks...) Thoughts from nurses who have been, well, nursing longer than me? Thanks!!
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  3. by   DeBerham
    I was an LPN for 8 years before I went back to school for my RN. For me it was a pretty simple financial decision. I enjoy the work and as an RN I was able to command $10/hr increase right after graduation (same floor/same hospital so a very easy/accurate comparison). 2.5 years after graduation with my BSN I am making $15/hr more than I was as an LPN, so yeah, in my mind it was worth it. As an RN I have many more options as to where I can work and while the responsibilities have increased the essence of the job remains the same.
  4. by   tainted1972
    Soon I will be working as an RN for the same company I currently work for as an LPN with IV cert. I will be getting an $8hr increase in pay.
    I know many nurses who are happy being LPNs, there is nothing wrong with that. Some LPNs make a good amount of money and are secure in their current positions.
  5. by   Keep_Calm
    I have been an LPN for 9 years with IV and phlebotomy certification (as well as cardiac/telemetry training and ACLS) for all 9. I can't get hired in acute care anymore, regardless of experience and certifications. I am going back to school now for my RN. If you want job security for the acute care setting, definitely get your RN. Like the others said, you'll be doing basically the same job but making much better money. If you want to stay in a doctor's office for the rest of your career (or LTC) then staying an LPN would be fine. It all depends on where you want to work.