Low Calcium Question??

  1. While taking a BP today, my patient commented that the pressure made his hand twitch. The machine gave me an error, so I did it again, and then I saw his pinky finger twitch. Also, his fingers were turned inward, but it wasn't quite as drastic as the you tube video's I've seen for a positive trousseau's sign. Is this still a sign of low calcium? I work in a non-medical drug detox facility. A few days ago, this client was in a car accident and received no treatment. Today, he told me his hip hurts from the accident.
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  3. by   KBICU
    Yes it is a sign of low calcium. Did you draw labs? Did he get a neuro/body workup after the accident?
  4. by   garnetgirl29
    No, we don't do labs, just urine drug screens. He went to the ER before coming to us, but he told me they didn't do labs or X-Rays. Our doctor wasn't in the facility, so I reported everything to the RN and she said she would consult the doctor. She didn't know that was a sign of low calcium, though. I'm just a little concerned that the ER blew him off because he was in the accident on his way to the ER to get a referral to our facility for opiate detox.
  5. by   KBICU
    I think you had a right to be concerned. He needs a workup in the ER. If you told your higher ups thats all you can do. Did you guys refer him back to the ER or send him home?
  6. by   oldbean
    Hi All,

    It's important to remember to check albumin as well when a low calcium is suspected. Probably pointing out the obvious but still :-)

    Thanks a million
  7. by   garnetgirl29
    It's a 7 day detox program and I found this on day 2. I was in a different facility to renew my CPR today, so I wasn't there to check on him. Our doctor checks in every morning and meets with clients, so I'm hoping the RN spoke to the doctor and the patient has been properly cared for. I'm just annoyed that the ER was so eager to send him off without doing a full work-up. They know we are a non-medical facility. They even gave him a Valium before transporting him to us, so of course, he was feeling pretty good when we got him.