Just scheduled my first interview for lpn job on ortho floor. - page 2

I am really excited I just got a call from the local hospital asking to schedule an interview for the prn orthopedic floor lpn position (I go next monday). Can anyone give me any ideas about what to expect during the interview? ... Read More

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    Good luck on your new job, I think you will like the office setting~!

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    thanks, I think I will like it. I can't wait until Tuesday.
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    Congrats on your new job!!!! Its hard to find a job other than a nursing home for an LPN in my area , I am happy for you!!!
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    thank you. Most new grads here get LTC jobs. The hospitals hire very few LPN's. The doctor's offices usually have LPN's but the turner over is very slow. I just happened to have an "in" with the surgeon's office and one of their nurses is going to be retiring within the next year after 17 years.
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    How exciting! Good for you! Good Luck! I'm sure you will ace the interview!!!
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    Hello, please help me in scheduling my interview as i had done bSc. in nursing. I just love this profession and also love to serve the humanity.

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