Is this normal ?

  1. Hey everyone

    I have been offered a job in a LTC as an LPN, but will start as a GPN since I have yet to take boards. I got this job before I even graduated so I was pretty darn stoked. Great, great pay as a GPN (around 15 plus diff) and LPN (20 plus diff)! (also very clean, high end facility)

    I will be a "GPN" but are requiring me to challenge the CNA to have while working as a GPN? (and they are willing to pay for the exam)

    Once I pass boards I will transition into the LPN position, but they said anyone taking care of clients needs to be a CNA or an LPN to "keep things legal". I guess in my state GPN's can't pass meds, some new state law.

    Is it normal to just be a very high paid CNA, doing mostly CNA duties as a GPN? Not that I have ANY problem working as a CNA!! Just curious if it was normal? (btw, how mortifying would it be to fail the challenge , I did very well in LPN program but fundamental course was more centered around nursing process then brushing teeth, transfer, etc.)
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  3. by   newtress
    Please tell us what a GPN is. Is this in the US?
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from newtress
    Please tell us what a GPN is. Is this in the US?
    GPN = Graduate Practical Nurse - someone who has recently graduated from a practical nursing program in the US, but has not yet taken the national exam to become licensed as a practical nurse (LPN)