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  1. New grad -at my ltc- nurses have to clock in- look at staffing book to find out what floor they are on for that shift! Is this how all LTC's do it? How do you learn your residents moving around every shift? Med carts are a mess, maybe because there is no ownership?? Thanks
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  3. by   libran1984
    I just picked up PRN work to supplement my weekend option schedule at the hospital. Sure I'm making $8.00 more an hour at the LTC/Rehab facility, but it's EXACTLY the same way as you described. I'm so perturbed to find I have no time with the resident because I'm so focused on med pass.

    This is simply not what I had expected. I thought there would be outstanding organization, lots of assessments, and tons of interventions. Instead, I just pass pills and chart the same thing in 3-4 different books and then of course in the computer.

    Sigh. Just not what I wanted. I don't think I will be picking up anymore after my shifts are complete. I wanted to have fun and provide what I would personally view as "excellent care". While the care is excellent and many national and state awards have been received.... It's not up to my personal standard.
  4. by   DavidKarl
    What a psychotic way to staff a place- begging for med errors, and the like. Unless most of the staff is agency? If that's the case, they are trying to spread their in house staff around, to DECREASE liablity, so their own staff sees the patients at least some of the time?
  5. by   joannalpn
    Well it hasn't gotten any better

    I am heart broken over this awful experience , I have gone from joy of passing NCLEX to regretting LPN if LTC is my only option
  6. by   libran1984
    I'll private message you to give you better ideas where to apply. I've been as an LPN for three years and I have worked in, primarily, acute care environments here in Indy since getting my license.