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    hay everyone. i just recently decided to go for my lpn rather than my rn. lpn is faster and im probably more likely going to get into an lpn program rather than the very competitive rn programs that seem to be IMPOSSIBLE to get into. the eventually bridge over to become an rn. im currently a cna at a convent and 90% of the nurses are lpn's and they love their job. i love being a cna but as everyone probably knows its a back breaking job. i love helping people and ever since i was little i could remember always wanting to become a nurse. i live in ct but all of the lpn programs at the technical schools start next january . and that is just too long for me. i want to get it done asap. then on the other hand there is lincoln tech... porter n chester.. and stone brdige academy that costs 25k. which is just ridiculous when tech schools cost 1/4 of that. so.. my last resort is lpn programs in new york. i found a few programs in the bronx that start in septemeber and last for only 11months for very low prices. so basically what im trying to get at... is if i get my lpn license in new york can i work in ct? and if anyone has any advice, please feel free to type away.

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    You need a New York license to work in New York. You need a Connecticut license to work in CT. A NY license is not valid in CT.
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    I could be totally wrong but...couldn't she attend a PN program in NY and take the NCLEX in CT in order to be licensed to work there?
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    If she attends a PN program in NY, she can get licensed in NY and endorse the license into CT.
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    Hi jessicastarr1234,

    I saw your message on this forum and i thought you could help me on my Deliema.Hey,did you enroll in LPN Program?Actually i was thinkign to get one but you know i am very confused can i do this course or not?One of the Nursing Home is giving training for CNA,but i do not want to hang on as a CNA for my life long so,i was thinking about LPN.
    May be you can give me some idea about the course if you have taken one?the course syllabus,tuition fees.
    I live in Highland,NY.The only place for me to get this course is BOCES.
    please do not mind to drop few advice for me...

    Thank you...
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    Quote from Boog'sGirl724
    I could be totally wrong but...couldn't she attend a PN program in NY and take the NCLEX in CT in order to be licensed to work there?
    I pretty sure that they way that it works is you can take the Nclex in any state but you will be licensed in the state of your nursing program.
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    hey jessica i live in connecticut too. the lpn programs here are ridiculous ...26k for a lpn training... ny nurses come to ct all the time to work.
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    jessica we in the same boat we gotta talk!! email me cupID31087@SBCGLOBAL.net
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    Actually, I believe you can get your CT license if you have a NY one, BUT it requires more hours. So, if you get your NY license and work a few months in NY you can then get a CT one. I think!
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    Well i think a nurse has to pay a fee in the state they wants to work..like a license transfer

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