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It took me almost 6 months to find a job as a LPN after passing the nclex. I was let go from a LTC facility after 3 weeks of orientation (there is a 90 day probation period). What sealed my fate was a nurse called out and I was... Read More

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    I am sorry you went through that! Now, I will not lie- I have thrown a newer nurse out on the floor when someone called out- HOWEVER, I did not hold any mistakes against them, especially time compliance. It took me almost a year before I felt truly comfortable as a new LPN. I cannot believe they would let you go for that!!! Everyone deserves a chance and a warm up period. Now, that period of course can't last forever. I hope things work out for you!

    Now, judging by your last post I think it was a godsend, obviously you were meant for this other offer, so CONGRATS!!! Just remember to use your lifelines, BE COMMUNICATIVE with your supervisors - do not hold back questions or concerns, and be inquisitive!
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    Wow. I think they were really wrong to hold that against you.
    You know the saying...when God closes a door he opens a window.
    Girl, I think he just did that for you!!
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    Just as an FYI to all the new nurses: do not assume Home Health is easier or slower....it most definitely is not! You're basically on your own, and the case loads agencies are putting on nurses is increasing. They were always pleading with me "just pick up this case on your way home". I worked with a BSN who did Hospice for many years. She just recently took a Home Health job, and is struggling. I had 7 years experience, and worked two months for them before I smartened up. They had me doing up to 10 visits at day, at times. In between the driving, lack of lunch and bathroom breaks, and paperwork it just wasn't worth it. I was working from 7:30 to 7:30, usually later every night. And no, my time management skills are fine.
    Don't assume any new job is "easier" or "slower". There is no such thing in nursing today. That's the part they forget to tell you in school!
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    Keep us updated on how it goes!!! Congratulations
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    I agree with MC3's comment about home health not necessarily being the right choice. In addition to the lack of time, the other downside to home health is that you don't have anyone to give you a second opinion. Whether one of your patients "can't move his neck" and it turns out to be that he worked too hard in PT yesterday and not tetanus, or a patient has an area of little red dots that itch that turns out to be scabies and not just a heat rash; there's a whole lot the books don't cover. Heck, it took an entire day of watching another nurse before I got the steps to injecting insulin correctly!

    I know it's frustrating, but their are long-term care places out there that will hire and train you. Also, I've talked to several classmates who started as a CNA at a place (even though they were an LVN/LPN), and they moved up within a month or two (and with a lot better knowledge of the residents!).
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    I agree with both posts on home health. Every nurse, no matter what the job description, has a difficult job. Sometimes, chosing to do the right thing and the good thing is harder, and some jobs require you to make that decision. For instance, you can be a crappy home health nurse and the job is "easy". You can also be a crappy SNF Nurse and the job is "easy". It's the preson that makes the difference. Every area I've worked in has been H A R D to the max, because I always believe that putting in the effort is what it takes to be a good nurse. There is no easy nursing job if done right...
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    You didn't lose them, they lost you by treating you badly and not being supportive. Consider yourself lucky.

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