How much do you make? Feeling under paid :( How much do you make? Feeling under paid :( | allnurses

How much do you make? Feeling under paid :(

  1. 0 I was curious to know what type of nursing you all do and what it pays in your area? I've been looking at other positions (home health, hospitals, and doctors offices) but I don't know what fair pay is. Several of the home health agencies by me pay $15/hr with no benefits!
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    18. Full,excellent benefits.
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    $26 large MD office. Great benefits.
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    It also depends where you live.
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    Where do you all live?
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    OP, where do you live? I'm sure you can dig up an old post around here where someone from your area has posted their stats.
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    I live in the orlando, fl area
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    Below are some older threads that discuss LPN pay around Florida. They are from 2011 and 2012, so those wages should still be similar:
    Does anyone have any advice on LPN pay here in Florida?
    Actual LPN pay in FL

    Based on what I read, your salary is in the average range, although on the low side. I would still consider that "fair" in today's market. There's no harm in continuing to look for other jobs. In Southern California, where I am, some places offer new grad RNs $18-20/hr. That's ridiculous! It's almost only half of the average range for the area. But competition is fierce for new grads so some new grads will take it because it's better than nothing.
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    That salary isn't what I make. It's really sad what I make. I'm a school nurse. And it's pathetic. I have to work a second non-nursing job just to be able to survive.
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    I sympathize....I work North of Orlando so I know what's it's like. Started at home health for a hospital for $14/hr , switched to hospice, started at $16/hr, left 4 years later at $19/hr, worked home health again at $25./visit plus mileage, phone, etc., left to work at school, $16.??/hr. They were going to start me much lower, but I was stepped on the pay scale due to the years of experience I had. Here's the kicker...I went to school up North, started a job at rehab hospital for $21/hr just out of school.....10 years ago............
    Right now, $17.70/hr, good benefits, summers off (unpaid).
    I consider myself very lucky, especially here in Florida, and especially in this economy. Can you work per diem at an agency on a weekend day for additional $$$? One thing that does help is how many years of experience you have.
    Good luck!
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    At least now you'll have an idea of what would be a "fair" offer would be from those other threads as you search for another job. It takes persistence and patience. As a new grad I could only get per diem work. It took almost a year before I got a full time position and stable work.
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    I worked as a Private Duty LVN for 2 years at $15/hr. now i just got into home health that'll pay me $30/visit and a hospice agency that will get me $$25/visit.
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    $23.23, I live in New Mexico,first job,been there for 2 yrs