How do you even start your LVN career?

  1. This may come off stupid, but to be more specific.. How do you start applying? Walk up and ask if they're hiring? This would be my first REAL job other then food handling jobs, I have no idea what I would even put on my résumé? Advice on the hiring process? Things I should say, what I will expect? I'm kinda nervous lol should I take a intern first during LVN school?
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  3. by   TipToeLPN
    Does you school have a career couselor? My school offers resume help before you graduate. You should ask you school. Alot of places post there positions online search online for positions. Fine out the places in your area you want to apply and go to fill out an aplication.
  4. by   Mikehall69
    Start with Long term care, you can always find a home in need of a fresh body to take the overnight shift, generally you can start slow here and build on your practical experience. Employers hiring nurses usually do not care what you did before becoming a nurse, so fill your resume with what you did in school, and with any volunteer work you may have done. Even add things about your family, let the employer get to know you, nursing is a personal profession. Giving insight to who you are, and why you wanted to become a nurse will give you an advantage over other new grads that may be applying. Once you get an interview focus on being competent and compassionate. Do not pretend to know what you are doing. even if you graduated head of your class, you have no idea how to be a nurse and your interviewer will already know this if he or she is hiring a new grad. Be humble and make it known that you want to learn. Most important, the first thing a nurse should learn.. Criticism is like medicine, if you don't take it....... you won't get better.

    Best of luck....
  5. by   LisaLPN7
    Try looking for ads wanting LVNs at your local career center. Check the local paper's employment ads. Upload a resume to sites like and . Ads are everywhere, just find them and respond. Good luck!
  6. by   rick.s.lpn
    I used the internet in my job search when i started. is a pretty good site if it available in your area. I occasionally see "new grads welcome" in job postings where i live. Also check out state or county jobs, such as prisons, community health departments, VA facilities. In Florida , I am sure that Dept of Veterans Affairs hires new grads because they hired me and many others as i have been there several years now .As far as your resume, put the truth ,they know your new. I am not clear as to whether you have your license yet ,but if you don't and time permits , get a CNA ( NURSE ASSISTANT) license and do that first. The experience will be very helpful. As far as the hiring process, unless your a talented actress, just be yourself , state that you want to learn. Be willing to work night shift. It is the best shift to start on unless the employer has a good support system for day shift, which most don't, you know the saying "they throw you to the wolves" , and trust me ,some of those wolves are other nurses.Where i work they actually have a good support system for new nurses , and it is possible to start on day shift , because i actually did, but now work nights. Good luck !