How do you get experience if no one will hire you?

  1. I'm a new LVN grad & have been sending out resumes & applications almost everywhere. 99.9% of the employment ads require 6mo to 1yr experience. How in the world can new grads get experience if no one will hire us? I've talked to several of my classmates & they are going through the same thing. The only ones who have LVN jobs are the ones who were working an a CNA or MA before graduation. It's sooooooo frustrating.
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  3. by   monica969
    You can apply as a float in a hospital or clinic. The other option is look for private care or home health care agency. These may not be where you want to work but it will get you experience you need. Another way you can go back to the places where you did your clinicals and see if they are hiring, talk to the nurses that you met there. At my clinicals the nurses I met gave me their name and contact number to apply. I hope this helps.
  4. by   lashuna1028
    Well it really depends on what type or field you are applying also. Most hospitals and clinics would prefer to really hire a RN and might take a LVN that has experience in the area.
    Most LVNS have jobs in the geriatric world ie. Nursing homes, assisted living, home health care.. also pediatric home health care will take on an LVN without much experience.
    But I never experienced that what you are going through cause in school we were already told about the RN/LVN preference thing. Even while I was still in school, employers came to my school looking for GVNs.
    My first job was at a skilled nursing home. I pretty much had the job when I applied, no interview or anything like that. And thats how most nursing homes are. Its just took about 3-4days for them to verfiy my license as that step is required by state.
    I really didnt want to go into nursing homes or work in geriatrics, Im more interested in ICU. but as an LVN here Dallas, TX, thats pretty much the only option which would hire you fast and pay you pretty decent. New grads start out at about $20-21/hr.

    If you are forced to go into an area you don't like because employers dont want to hire a LVN just make it a stepping stone and work towards your RN so you can work in whatever field you are interested in.
  5. by   chevyv
    Just keep applying! I had the same problem and it took me so long to land a job that I would have liked to have turned down (long drive, tons of residents, no support...). Don't give up! Good luck to you :heartbeat
  6. by   NURSET2007
    It really depends on where you live but I think that we all go thru it. It is a double standard, there is such a need for nurses yet when you go to apply you get NO bites!

    For the most part I was prepared for this because I was told in LVN school that we would probably only get jobs in LTC, hence the great pay but terrible conditions, mostly. my suggestion to you is obtain addt'l certifications as an LVN to make you more marketable and go for your RN unless you love LTC.

    But I know for me I love the hospital setting, so thats what I'm doing. Hospitals rather have vacancies than to hire LVNs because for some reason they look at us as a slightly higher CNA or on the same level. and that SUCKS! but use that to your advantage to progress further.

    Good Luck!