Hospice throwing you in the wood without training..

  1. Ok I understand that there's not much you can do in a hospice comparing to a hospital. But I am a new grad, without any experience, and just got my license couple weeks ago. I've learned how important it is to keep our license in a good standing, and protect ourselves from getting our license jeopardized!
    I had an interview recently with an agency, and they asked me how do if feel working in a hospice setting. Of course, right now I'm just trying to get a job and get my foot in the door. I truly like everything about nursing, from peds to geriatric, ob to med surg etc. but I mean I heard you supposed to get at least a week of training in hospice. Vice versa, this place doesn't have it at all. I'm not sure if I should go for it and just take the job, or wait forever hoping to get a job bc I have no experiences at all.
    Anyone had similar experiences like me? What did you do and why?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Is it inpatient or outpatient (home care) hospice? I can see a new grad working in an inpatient setting because there are always backup resources available. But home care of any sort is really iffy for a new grad, particularly with only a week of training. Home care is a very different environment and very few nursing schools even provide rotations in this 'specialty'. If you're in the home environment, would you be providing episodic (visits) or continuous care? If you're in a remote location, how quickly can you obtain assistance/help? What kind of help is available? All questions you need to ask.
  4. by   ctbui
    I think it's a home service.. But they say if Anythjng happens, I should call the hospice facility instead of the agency, and they will come within 15 minutes.
    Brighter side, they got me a position on "cna director", where I guess I can monitor the cna's. while "experienced nurses" would come does their "nurse job". And I can learn from that, and at least wont be as scared as going there doing a nurse job by myself. But I don't think they at really training me, I just watch and see how it goes. What do you think? I'm gonna meet with the Owner, president and Vice President on Monday. They told me to be confident. But I really don't know how. Bc I'm not good at it...
  5. by   ctbui
    Oh btw, they said they usually do not have any training at all.