HELP, Please, for the sake of my sanity!

  1. I need serious advice/help. I recently took my exam and passed 1st time. I am now looking for a job as an LVN at a convalescent home (or anywhere for that matter). Problem is, I was convicted of a misdemeanor back in '07 and I had already disclosed it to the BON. I had to write an explanation and provide a police report. I wont mention what happened here but pretty much I was wrongfully accused - never bothered on hiring a lawyer to fight the case because I was only 19 at the time and did not have money to hire - and had a misdemeanor but recently got it expunged with no problem. The BON must have considered what happened because they allowed me to take the exam and now I have my License as an LVN.

    The only issue is because I am looking for a job, on the application it states have I ever been convicted of a crime, I put "No". I am pretty certain that they will see it once they fingerprint me IF I am considered for the job. Please don't tell me to ask the BON on what to do because I already did and they told me that "It's not their issue to handle and to ask the place where I am planning on working." So I asked my attorney who helped get my record expunged. She responded with "In California, once Expunged, I am legally allowed to state that I was never convicted of the crime."

    I am so confused. I don't know what to disclose on future applications, and I really need a job. I am afraid that I will never find work because of something that I was involved in and wrongfully accused of in the past. Please, any advice will help me sleep better at night. I am so stress about this situation.
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  3. by   systoly
    Do you feel your attorney is giving you bad advice?
  4. by   McBunny
    No I don't believe so. It's in California's law that when your record is expunged that you are legally allowed to say that you have never been convicted. But if I were to be fingerprinted, they will still be able to see it but it will have expunged included as well.