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I got hired for the job I wanted in a clinic. Many nurses act like it isn't real nursing, but I am so happy to get this job. No more 12 hour shifts in LTC or a hospital, which were both frightfully... Read More

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    good job!...good for long as your happy everything will be OK!

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    who cares what others think, congrats! I had to take a 4 month break from nursing after leaving LTC. I thought I was done with nursing and was about to go to college for something else when a family clinic called me in for a job, and I love my career again. The pay cut is worth it every single day I dont have to walk into a LTC facility.
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    I did love my residents and cna's at LTC. The 2-10 shift was like a family. I just can't take the emotional and physical demands anymore. My youngest child just left for college, so this seems like the perfect time to get the job I really want. The hospital was almost an hour away and 12 hour shifts.
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    Congratulations! I'd love to find my dream job, but I don't know what it is. I currently work in LTC and its very close to where I live. With the way jobs are so hard to get these days I don't dare leave. One would feel like working in nursing, that you'd have pretty good job security, right? I don't feel that way where I work, seem to be lately they fire employees at the drop of a hat. It makes me wonder from one day to the next if I'll have a job or not. I do my job and do it well, but so have others that have been let go. I'm very pleased you got your dream job and I hope it turns out to be all that you want it to be. Once again, congratulations!
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    Wonderful.There is not a better nurse then a happy one!

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