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Hi. I have been out of nursing for about 7 years now but because my license has not lapsed for more than 5 years, I am not required to take a refresher course to have it reinstated. However, I... Read More

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    Quote from TexasNurseEducator
    Although not free the program I work with is approved for DARS (disabled nurses can apply there for funds) and for funding if you are unemployed or underemployed through the Texas Worksource for those residing in our state. We also do payment plans. The other thing I wanted to mention is that the clinical portion is the biggest issue. Most employers will not call you if you do not do a refresher that has clinical. This is one of the reasons for the cost, there is so much money involved in doing clinicals (insurance, background checks,etc).
    HI! iam from houston texas and iam unemployed right now can i qualify for the program?what are the process..? thank you

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    Hey there, I graduated nursing back in 1998, and only practiced under a temp licence, I did not go forward and fully licenced, and now I want to. In kentucky you don't haft to take a refresher course just the boards now, but I want to take one but it seems they only let you in a refresher course if you had a licence at one point, which I really don't understand that at all. Anyone know of any refresher course that doesn't follow that dumb rule and you can take even if you were never licenced but did earn your degree.
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    Texas allows you to do the didactic portion of the Refresher Program to assist nurses like yourself in preparing for NCLEX. Once, you pass the NCLEX you can then do the clinical portion. We offer the class in Stafford, a suburb of Houston. You can also take the class by Correspondence. Call PHES if you want more info 877-313-7437.
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    I live in California and I have not worked as a LVN now for 7 years, my license has now been expired for 2 years. Is it mandatory to take refresher course, even though I would prefer to. Also do you know of any reputable ones online that I could get help paying for? Thank you in advance for your help
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    Kane Educational Systems offers one day refresher courses in different states. Check refresher course on the web site's main page and then click on your state. I hope this helps anyone looking for the information. The fee is not too expensive.
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    Any luck on the refresher courses? I graduated nursing school in June 2007. I moved out of the country for a few years so I never was licensed. It is now 2011 and I want to get my license and become an lvn. It is depressing that I cannot get my license. I took the test twice after graduating and I didn't pass. Now I am scared to take it again in fear of failing. I know that half of success is actually trying I'm just scared I won't be a good nurse
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    Have you tried buying the Kaplan, or other, textbooks that help with taking the test? Never doubt yourself. Go into the test with the attitude that I am going to pass the test this time and you will succeed. I know that this is easier said than done but you have to think positive. good luck. Check the site that I posted and click on your state. You can also use a search engine to look for refresher courses. Some colleges offer this as well.

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    Jhilly--you need an NCLEX review course like Kaplan, and study time. You'll be surprised how much comes back to you when you get going. Get one of those big NCLEX review books and start doing questions. I have a friend in the same situation and her confidence builds every day of review. You can do it! Good Luck!
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    I have been out of practice for 10 years, and applied for a job at an urgent care center with an extensive orientation. I plan to concurrently take a refresher course, but have not found a free one, or one not having extensive pre-entry stipulations. I did not realize the fees for background checks etc..were in addition to the course costs. Is this usually true?
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    Napnes now has a theory only program:

    Napnes also has the whole thing and most BON's approve the program, however, as someone pointed out it's the clinicals that are difficult to find on your own. I tried, but couldn't get a facility to let me take the refresher through them, even with BON approval.

    For those of you who still have an active license but haven't worked or have worked in a specialty area the "theory only" course might be for you.

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