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First Nursing Job :)

  1. 0 Hey everyone

    I start my FIRST LVN job next tuesday and was wanting to know what might be some good things to brush up on? Like what would you look at? I have a lot of free time until tuesday and wanted to at least be prepared a little. I graduated in May so I am probably a little rusty. By the way, I will be working as an LVN in a county jail!

    Thanks for the advice!
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    That is so neat! Congrats on landing your first LVN job!! I'd have a little note pad with me and not to be scared to ask any questions. Good luck!
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    Not sure what to brush up on for the county jail but a big Congratulations on landing your first job!

    Doing some reading here Correctional Nursing may be a good start, though.
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    Congrats on your first job!!! I start my first job next Tuesday at a skilled/rehabilitation facility. I am super nervous but I'm ready to go, Good Luck!!
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    Congratulations! I bet that it will coming flowing back! I say that you should maybe refresh on BLS, I would bring a drug book or possibly your phone if you even can so that you can look up any drugs you don't know about...I bet you can find about the policies/laws for your state online that way you understand what the laws are on providing care to the inmates. I am pretty sure there is a correctional nursing forum here, maybe just do some reading on that...I do a lot more reading than posting because I am a new grad also!