Down and Defeated LPN

  1. I recently passed the nclex-pn exam and have been applying to numerous job openings especially nursing homes in my area because that seems to be where most of the LPN jobs are. I have applied to over 50 positions and have only gotten two interviews. Today I got a call from one nursing home that said they could not hire me because of a misdemeanor charge I recieved 13 years ago when i was still young and dumb. I guess i thought because of the length of time it has been i knew I would have roadblocks but not like this. I have worked for all the major hospitals in my area as a CNA and they do lifetime background checks and was still able to gain employment. Gosh even the state of NC gave me a nursing license for goodness sake and they check back to the day you are born!!!!!!!! I just don't know what do do at this point I worked so hard to become a LPN now its all falling to pieces I might as well go back and be a CNA at least I could find a job .... Does anyone have any other suggestions where else I could go other thank nursing homes to find a job. Just Frustrated Thanks for letting me vent.
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  3. by   NurseFreeSpirit
    I live in NC as well. Nursing homes are hiring lpns but some hospitals are too. Have you looked into homfe health? I'm a recent grad and I work in a nursinghome and home health. I often see hospital postings for lpns. With you criminal background you have to be sure to include that on the application. Alot of ppl with dwis and criminal histories have gotten jobs in the nursing field. dont give up you've worked too hard!!
  4. by   mejajo08
    Thanks I will definitely look into home health and other hospitals I have come to the conclusion I may have to even look outside of my city to find employment. Thanks for the encouragement I am trying hard not to be discouraged but it is hard, but I am not going to give up!!!
  5. by   T-Bird78
    I'm an LPN with 5 years and have been actively searching for 6 months. I've expanded my search area to a 30-mile radius from my house, which will be an hour commute with traffic. I've had several interviews and one offer (I turned it down, too many things in there that I wouldn't want my name signed to and that was just what I saw in a working interview!) and have a meeting with a staffing agency today. It's very hard for everyone because it's so saturated right now. I'm surprised the misdemeanor would have been a factor, but at least you got a reason for your rejections--I've never been told why, just "we chose another candidate." Good luck and keep looking!
  6. by   1pinknurse
    If this is your dream, then there is no giving up. Just as the previous poster has stated, it is hard for everyone. I live in So Cal & the competition is ridiculous out here but I didn't let anyone stop me. Now I am an LVN working at a major county hospital. What you will need to do is be honest & note the misdemeanor on your application. Hopefully you have references included cause that will help prove that you have changed over the years. I understand your frustration but giving up isn't the solution if this is what you want. If being a nurse is your passion then go for it & don't let anyone stop you. Good luck & keep us posted!!!
  7. by   mejajo08
    Thanks everyone for the support and encouraging words, it really hurt to be rejected like that, but I am not going to give up I have worked too hard to become an LPN, I just have to keep looking. I believe someone will give me a chance. I will keep you posted !!!