Does working at a clinic considered "acute" experience? Does working at a clinic considered "acute" experience? | allnurses

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Does working at a clinic considered "acute" experience?

  1. 0 I recently just got hired for a clinic at Sutter Medical. My goal is to work my way up to the hospital. However, the hospital will only hire "nurses with acute care exp". Would working as a clinic considered "acute" experience? Thanks.
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    What kind of clinic is it? Most clinics in my hospital are outpatient or chronic diseases.
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    Primary care. It's outpatient.
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    In the healthcare sector, inpatient hospital experience (med/surg, ICU, telemetry, L&D, ER, etc.) is considered acute care experience.

    Settings outside the hospital (LTC, clinics, doctors offices, home health, hospice, etc.) are usually not regarded as acute care experience because, in most cases, your patient populations are not acutely sick (they're chronically sick).
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    No. Acute care experience means hospital experience.