1. I am thinking about starting a CNA course and then jumping into my LPN. My question is are there some facilities that help pay for your LPN license or is it just the hospitals that pay for students to continue their education?
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  3. by   megan215
    I've only ever heard of hospitals doing that... but I'm sure if you research the facility you want work in, you could find out. Don't be afraid to call around and ask. good luck
  4. by   DustinShadbolt
    A lot of nursing homes offer scholarships and tuition assistance for any full-time/part-time employees that are attempting to further their education

    I notice your profile says you are from NW Indiana. There is a nursing home group that offer a full-ride scholarship to obtain your LPN. They pay for the classes, books, tutors, child care, and what not. Just look up american senior communities. I believe the program is called O2NE. I had a couple of friends go through with it.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I once worked at a LTC facility that offered tuition reimbursement of $1000 per year to full-time employees. The LTC facility was owned by a national corporation with facilities in multiple states.
  6. by   Aongroup1990
    Thanks everyone it is really appreciated and I am looking towards the one in northwest indiana that you mentioned.. great ideas..
  7. by   Full metal jacket
    Also check with your unemployment office. I know the goverment has programs for positions that are in high demand. Here in Pa. they have such programs.