Best areas to work in as an LPN

  1. I will be graduating soon from LPN in MS. I wanted to hear of everyone's opinions on where they enjoyed working most as an LPN? Also what is expected pay in those areas? thanks!
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  3. by   libran1984
    Hospital - $14/hr

    Corrections - $14.50/ hr or $18.50 for PRN

    Rehab - $18-$21/hr

    LTC - $16.50/hr

    Clinic $15/hr

    In Indiana, the LPN job market seems to have many lpn positions available. I've applied to lots of jobs across many spectrums. The above pay rates are rates I made while working at the setting (2010-2013) listed above or was quoted and then turned down.
  4. by   EHGWR
    Thanks! Did you prefer any place over the other? I'm sure it will depend on what I like the best but I didn't know what the diff in the environments were.
  5. by   libran1984
    The hospital was my favorite and then the took away primary care of the pt away from the LPN. Now I float in the ER at the beck and call of every unsavory task an RN does not wish to do or pick up the slack when an RN didn't exhibit proper time management & has now fallen behind. This last Sunday had me thinking I should just leave because some ppl just sit on their butts gossiping not lifting a finger to help and... It's so frustrating but simultaneously it has given me a skill set beyond that of your avg LPN and thus more desirable- but I hate LTC. The prison was a ghetto grotto. The clinic looked to be great but not very interesting in way of using my knowledge or skills regularly. Rehab was terribad.
  6. by   LisaLPN7
    I've worked 11-7 in hospitals in the past, but ran from hospital nursing when they went to those ridiculous (IMO) 12 shifts. The last time I worked in a hospital, in southeast TN, was in 1996 and I made a whopping $8.53/hr. Since then, I've worked in numerous physician offices ($10/hr), a battered women's shelter ($11.10/hr), and currently, am a school nurse in a middle school....part time, only 25 hours a week, earning $11.22/hr. I've always chosen the lesser paying positions that don't require me to devote half my life to the job. I refuse to work 12 hour shifts, holidays, or weekends at this point in my life. I have a husband and two boys who are more important that any job. I'm currently doing the pre-employment paperwork and background checks for a new position at the local VA clinic, where I'll start on June 3, making just under $17/hr, working M--F, days, no nights, weekends, holidays, or 12 hour shifts.
  7. by   kcmartin97
    Started in LTC, but now in a clinic, if you have a family it is best to get a clinic job, pay is less, but you get the evenings and weekends off for family time.
  8. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Some of the per hour wages listed above seem really low! And I live in a low cost of living state. Here a LTC LPN job is $19-20/hour, PRN LTC $21-$22, Clinic $15-$18 based on experience, Corrections start out at $22.50/hour, the only way your getting into a hospital around here is if you work as a PCT and that pays $12-$13/hour.