Are LPNs allowed to volunteer to give free health screenings in their community?

  1. I cannot find this specific information anywhere, so I'm hoping someone else may know where to find the answer.

    I am a new grad, living in a small community where a lot of people do not have great access to health care. A lot of people in my community avoid the doctor unless there is something serious going on, & by then it's too late for preventative measures.

    Does anyone know, as an LPN, am I allowed to get a table at our community fairs & do BP screenings, Accu-checks, etc.? I want to set up with some educational materials on nutrition, exercise, diabetes, etc. Am I able to do this on my own, or do I need to be in conjunction with a medical practice or employer?
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    I see ads quite a bit looking for LPN's to work at health screenings/fairs & such. You should see if there are any in your area.
  4. by   LPNKY2012
    I'm sure there are plenty in the city, but I'm wanting to do this in my own little town/community/neighborhood. They could really use it. There's plenty of opportunity for it, as I have numerous contacts - the mayor, community centers, etc., but I just can't find anywhere that tells me for sure if I'm allowed to do this, or if it is a liability of some kind. I think I'll refer back to my school. They will probably know.
  5. by   Woodenpug
    Since you have good contacts and I believe along with that is a knowledge of available resources, you can make a positive impact on your community. You would be more effective if you could hook-up with an experienced RN or MD near your community.

    I think the question you are asking is scope of practice or liability. Contact your malpractice insurance company. I pretty sure they will answer your questions, if not find another insurance company.
  6. by   sauconyrunner
    You could also contact the hospital closest to you and see if they can help you. It would be great to have a table set up from the hospital which may also have a free clinic associated with it where you could provide services. If they do not have a free clinic in your area, then it seems like a prime time to get one going.
  7. by   conroenurse
    WELL, IMO of course.
    Call your state board or visit their site and it will give you a set of qx's that help to answer if in your scope or not. I don't think it would really be in an RN"s scope either though (because just an individual)
    If your just handing out pamplets as an individual there would not be a problem, it would just be IF you are using the licensure/title to promote yourself in that cause esp if you write the literature yourself.
    ie your handing out pamphlets on nutition & it has "peanut butter is good for you" and someone gives it to an allergic child and claims they did it because you gave them a pamphlet. MAYBE A LITTLE FAR FETCHED, but ya never know these days. IMO UNLESS I had malpractice insurance or was with an educational group I would not use my licensure because you can never tell who wil use the info and how, or claim it caused harm, even falsely in some cases.
    Course if your like most LVN's, it's not like we have alot to sue for anyway. LOL
    BUT could affect your license.