1. I am wanting to get as many certifications that I can. Has anyone taking ACLS online? I have seen many websites that offer the online course, but am wondering how reputable they are. I already have my BLS. Thanks!
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  3. by   HazelLPN
    ACLS online? I took ACLS from the education department at the hospital where I worked. Generally, only critical care and ER nurses took ACLS because we used it. I would only take ACLS online if you are only interested in saving virtual patients.
  4. by   Sun0408
    ACLS will be helpful but I wouldn't take the first coarse on-line. Also ACLS is a lot about pushing iv drugs, when, how much and how often. LPN's in some states are not allowed to push IV meds. Can you in your state??
  5. by   Missy2280
    Thanks Sun0408. I am new to all this certification stuff and am not sure how or what to get. I am from Ohio. I am IV certified, we can start, discontinue, flush with saline, hang piggyback, and a few other things, I'm not exactly sure what is included in that. I am wanting to get all the certs I can.

    I apologize if asking if ACLS online was a silly question, like I said, I am new to all of this and just happened to come across something that said ACLS can be done online.

    If anyone knows of any certs you can get in Ohio let me know
  6. by   bdimi88
    I would not recommend taking ACLS online, I had to take it for the unit I work on, and I couldnt imagine not having the instructor there to help us. It is very medication based on what meds to give for the heart rhythm the patient is in, if your not very familiar with the different heart rhythms I dont think online would be good.
  7. by   akulahawkRN
    If this is your first or second time taking ACLS, don't do it online. Go the traditional route and be physically in class. There is a rhythm and flow to ACLS that you won't get online but you will get it during your megacodes and practice. After the first couple times taking ACLS that way, online or not won't matter to you as it'll become basically a merit-badge type of course that you could literally walk in, take the written, do the megacodes, and walk out if they'd allow it.

    Personally, I prefer the in-class version as you have the opportunity to listen and learn from your classmates as well as the instructor.