Willis-Knighton/LSUHSC Pay

  1. Hey everybody, whats up? I was just interested in knowing if anyone around these boards might work at either WK or LSU in the Shreveport-Bossier area and if you could prolly spot me a little info on the average pay scale vs. benefits at these places. I know I can see more info on benefits listed on LSUHSC's site but as far as WK I haven't been able to locate anything, not even estimated pay range (and LSU puts some type of pay range on their job descriptions). Just was wondering what the general experience in the real world has been versus what is advertised (or not advertised). New grad looking for more info on options before I focus my intentions one way or the other. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   Fumanchuesday
    WK starts new grad RNs at $19 /hr base
    Night shift is $23 /hr.... You also get a 0.90 /hr raise after taking their 3 day telemetry/ekg class.
  4. by   cbccern
    Go with LSUHSC. You cannot beat the pay increases and the experience. I worked for LSU for 17 plus years before moving to a huge metropolitan area. The benefits are great!!! I really miss "the" LSUHSC.
  5. by   monkeelouise
    I worked for both systems. LSUHSC all the way! Level 1 Trauma Center, you will see more in 1 month there than you will see in a year elsewhere. Love to go to work every day, always a stimulating, challenging shift.