ULL online RN to BSN program or LSU?

  1. [font=times]i'm looking into ull's online rn to bsn program which i believe just started within the last year. if you are in this program, how do you like it and what are some pros & cons? i'm also considering lsu's rn to bsn program so i'm trying to determine which route to take. i'm eligible for both schools in terms of my gpa and pre-reqs. i know that lsu requires students to goto school one saturday a month and that ull is strictly online. i already work at a hospital which will get me the $6500 rate for ull and i think that lsu's tuition is in the same ballpark. other than that, i don't know much about ull's program so just hoping for some feedback.
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  3. by   Katie71275
    I don't attend either, but have heard really good things about ULL. I actually intended to go there after I graduate with my ADN in May 2013, BUT b/c I already have my BA in Sociology, I can go straight to my MSN at the school I am planning on. I haven't heard anything about LSU, good or bad.
  4. by   CoffeePVCs
    I'm considering both too. Online is important to me. What are you looking to use your BSN for?
    I want to get it for advancement. I know both are great schools but I am kind of leaning towards LSU because the program is more established. Thinking of sending in app for Spring 13 but might hold off.
  5. by   mwc1230
    Katie- what school are you looking into?
    I am graduating with ADN in Dec and have a BA in Sociology too!