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Hello, Can I get a job anywhere as a new graduate without experience AND WITHOUT MY AUNT SUSIE OR SOMEBODY WORKING AT THE FACILITY?:mad:... Read More

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    Being new to the Ft. Polk / Leesville / Alexandria area, I have no connections or ties! If anyone has any advice or knows of any hospitals in this area looking for new RN grads, I would be so happy!!!!

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    Colorado is in much the same situation. No jobs for new grads and few jobs for experienced nurses. The nursing shortage is obviously not here at this time. Have you considered joining the military?
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    RN protege devalues the nursing profession. not accept that position. Do something else in the mean time.

    RN protege should be a position that is allowed while you are in your senior year of nursing school.
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    Any new grad that works for University Hospital or one of the Louisiana Charity Hospitals will have an excellent knowledge base and experience that can't be matched!

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