Southern University SON???

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    I just wondered if anyone attends Southern SON or is attempting to get in? I am thinking about applying there and was curious as to how competitive they are. I do realize all the schools will be.

    I have 90 college hours, which include most of the prereq's, toward nothing, lol. I would rather finish with a BSN since I already have all those hours, although an ADN is okay with me too!

    The information I found on Southern online really does not tell me much, other than the prereq's. It does not say how many times a year they admit to the SON, etc.

    I am planning on applying to all of them in the Baton Rouge area but again, am curious about Southern.

    Another thing I have noticed, all of them have some prereq's that differ so that is so irritating! I do not know what classes to start taking this summer! With each of the schools, I lack one or two things.

    Also, do most of these schools make you re-take courses such as A&P, Chemistry, etc if it has been over a certain amount of time since taken?

    Sorry for all the questions!!!

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    southern has a lot of courses that you have to take there one of their courses is nurs 200 which is nurs proc 1 and the other is organic and bio chem. their application date has already pass but you can get info about the classes for the spring 2010. they take about 60 students every spring and fall i think the gpa last semester to get in was 3.2. hope i've helped a little.
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    oh i almost forgot, lol! if it has been over 10 years that you have taken the courses at brcc and southern university the courses have to be retaken this is info from a while ago i think it changed to maybe 7 years but not sure. you can probably call brcc @ 225-216-8000 and su @ 771-4500
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    Thanks for the information!

    I called Southern and got someone in the BSN department but she said she did not know of any time limits on the courses already taken and to call Admissions.

    I called Admissions and they said there was no time limit BUT the Nursing Dept. may have different criteria and to ask for an advisor. So, I called back and asked for one but they are on Spring Break, lol.

    I don't see a BioChem or Organic Chem on the curriculum at all, just General Chem 1 and 2, which I have. So, now I am even more confused, lol.

    You mentioned they have info regarding Southern? Forgive me but I just moved here last August so I do not know which schools may or may not be affiliated.
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    There are 2 chemistry courses required. The first is chem 132 or 128, it's basic chemistry. and the second is chem 129. In that chemistry course. 1/2 of the semester is on organic chemistry and the other 1/2 is focused on biochemistry.

    You can get an excellent education at Southern University but the university is not easy on its' students. In other words they do not give a d*** about being convenient towards their current students as well as prospective students.

    I suggest you Drive all the way up there and plan to literally spend the whole day harassing people in the nursing building. And then be prepared to be redirected back & fourth between people who sometimes may not honestly know but most of the time are too lazy or to busy to help you out.

    On a more positive note, SU has gotten a lot better in their registration process. But it still can diminish a transfer student to tears.....

    If you have any specific concerns PM me... SENIOR
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    Hey, thanks for the additional information.

    I see now that the General Chemistry they are speaking of is different from the two I took. I checked the catalog. What I had taken was harder, same as Chem 132/133. They killed my GPA, I got a C in both! I am glad it would not be that to retake. Of course, any Chem to me is difficult but some courses are more so than others.

    That's a shame they are not very "student" friendly. I do not know much about the college. Most of my family attended LSU.

    Do you know anything regarding whether there IS a time-limit on prior courses taken? If so, I need to get in gear and take A&P all over again, starting this summer, along with whatever else is considered "too old". Pre-Cal is on the list and that is going to be bad enough since me and Algebra do not get along. Algebra and Chem were my nightmare!

    Also, do you happen to know what the average GPA is that they admit? I see you have to take the ACT also. I guess the scores affect entrance also. I have never taken the ACT so that scares me!

    Perhaps I am getting a bit too old to try and do this again!
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    you are welcome, if i can do it anybody can, don't get discouraged you can do it.
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    I just don't even know where to get started!

    I wonder if Southern shows preference toward students who take the pre-req's there or if it's okay to take them elsewhere like at BRCC. I don't even know if BRCC has the same Chemistry courses that are comparable. I would prefer to take what I lack, and what I may need to re-take, at BRCC because of cost. There was a chart I came across somewhere online that shows different courses and the comparable courses at different colleges. Now I cannot find where it is!

    Hopefully, I can get some answers next week over the phone with an advisor. I know I have to get started this summer and time is getting short on admissions, etc.
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    this is what i know for sure about the transfer courses, you have to take the organic and bio chem @ su because it is not offered @ brcc and the same goes with the nurs proc1
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    Oh okay, good, thanks for that info!

    I am even thinking about Baton Rouge General diploma program because you can always go later to a BSN type program after. I wonder how hard General is to get in?

    I will go ahead and enroll for that Chem course this summer and the other one you mentioned at Southern. Thanks again for the info! Oh, and study for the ACT/SAT which they require. Oh boy...

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