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I just wondered if anyone attends Southern SON or is attempting to get in? I am thinking about applying there and was curious as to how competitive they are. I do realize all the schools will be. I have 90 college hours,... Read More

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    I go to southern university school of nursing and the final deadline to apply is april 8 i believe. So its not too late! is saw that posted in the elevator the other day. You do need that organic chemistry if you haven't taken it and like the other person posted you need nurs 200 which is a prereq to nursing school. Other classes if you want to get them out of the way, but that you don't have to have before you get into nursing school is an african american studies course which i recommend an african american literature course because this will count for an english course as well as an african american studies course. Also, you have to complete freshman orientation...I think they actually are requiring you take this before you get in now. You also have to complete a writing proficiency exam.....this is not a class but just an exam you sit for. The writing proficiency exam is also required before admittance now I believe. That's just some information on what you will need to get in. hope that helps.

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    also i forgot the minimum gpa they accept is a 2.6. which i think is very easy to obtain. They do random selection so if you have a 4.0 you have just as good of a chance as the 2.6 person has of getting in. It's a lottery basically. There is no interview. You just fill out a paper application by the deadline and have all of your prereqs completed that are required otherwise they will send you a letter in the mail saying you are rejected because you did not meet all your prereqs. I did not get in the first time because of the number of people applying but I got in the second time I applied.
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    what semester are you in baton rouge 09 nurse?
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    i am graduating this semester may 09
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    that's great i am going to send you a pm.
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    Ms. Kay for some reason I cannot reply to ur post message but I will say this...

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    so what are the prereqs before applying to the program?
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    Wondering the same
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    Does SU offer an lpn-bsn track??

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