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Anybody information on Southern University Baton Rouge nursing program? How many students do they accept each semester and what are the lowest gpa's accepted? Thank You, Mitch... Read More

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    i don't know what southern use to be, but their nursing program now is awesome!!!!!!! i graduate in december and i absolutely love suson, i feel like i am well prepared to go to work TODAY! They have made a few changes but it is definately for the better. we got nursing school of the year last year, and i am sure we will not be short of it this year. great, great, great school,yes it is very tough but, i promise when u walk on a unit u will definately know a southern university grad from any other nursing school.
    Hi. I am interested in Su nursing. What is the average gpa on getting in?
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    It's only a 2.6
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    ok thanx

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