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School Nursing in Louisiana?

  1. 0 I was not sure whether to post this in the School Nurse forum, or the LA forum, but I think I will get more bites here. I am from Baton Rouge, moved to N. Texas in 2001 and became a nurse. I have only worked as a nurse in Texas, and I am a school nurse and really want to remain one! My hubby might have the opportunity to relocate back home, and I am scoping out the opportunities for me. This would probably be at least a year in the making.

    Does anyone know what the districts in LA usually do for school nurses? I am an RN, BSN. I really don't know what area of LA we will be looking at, but I would guess somewhere close to Ascension Parish, maybe Gonzales (between Baton Rouge and New Orleans). I would like to know about other areas as well, though. If you are a school nurse in LA, I would love to hear from you. Or, if you know what your kid's districts do for nurses, that would be great also!
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    Hey there! Did you ever relocate back home? I am from the new orleans area and am hoping someone out there can help me with some information on how to get started in school nursing! so if u have found anything in this area, please help!! Thanks!!
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    my cousin is a school nurse in St Tammany Parish. So i know that it is possible. I know that it is not just for one school, but I don't know if it is for a district, the whole parish or what. I know that she has been a nurse for a while in the hospital prior to the school and has her BSN.
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    do you know how she aquired the job? did she just apply to the school board?
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    no i'm sorry. thats all the information that i have