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    Quote from Fumanchuesday
    I work in the ICU for a large private hospital. New grad base pay is $20 per hr. $24 for nights. $26 for weekend nights.

    My wife (RN) works for a state hospital in the same town. She makes almost $27 an hour weeknights and $29 weekend nights. She has two years LPN experience that does not contribute to her pay, although she does get critical care diff of 50 cents included in what I listed.
    Yes, I've been told some places will not accept your LPN experience. I think it's a bunch of crap tho. In several settings LPN's do just as much or everything an RN will do. As a floor nurse, we can't do IV push or hang blood, but we are experienced in the rest of the job duties. A new RN grad wouldn't know where to start! Oh well.... It's LIFE! We can go back & forth with this one. I hope I can find a job that will consider my LPN experience when I finish RN school.

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    Quote from plinytheRN
    I make $20/hr as a new grad BSN, with $5 diff for weekends and nights. I work in Baton Rouge.
    Wow, moved to Baton Rouge 17 years ago, had 10 years experience as an RN and was paid $18/hr. Baton Rouge is a joke!
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    I agree the pay here is horrible. However I have heard for awhile that nurses in the south stereotypically have high pt loads and low pay, that's why so many of them leave. I am getting out ASAP after I get my experience, I can hardly pay my bills on this wage.
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    Also, I did post about state hosp being lower pay...well they make up for it in other ways. .50cents retention/hr, 3.00 for certain depts. of the hosp(which seems like most), 3.75 I think for after 3pm, and 3.00 or 3.50 for weekends, so averages about the same as other hospitals.

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