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Hello :loveya:!!!! Has anyone applied for OLOL BSN Fall 2012??? I heard acceptance letters are to be sent out sometime this week. I very anxious, nervous and nauseous :confused:. If anybody else... Read More

  1. by   Nelle0802
    Yayyyy!!!! I know you are excited Are you doing the accelerated or traditional? I'm traditional and I have to finish this health packet in order to start the Intro to Nursing Course this summer!
  2. by   Ljohn97
    I'm accelerated I start in August) so now it's apartment hunting!!
  3. by   dai12
    Omg I got in toooo!!!!! I got a call on may 18 in the morning but it was a voicemail because i was on a cruise and just got back today!!! Im sooo excited. Im doing the traditional. I got in for nsu also )... Were soo beyond blessed. now we just need to do what we gotta do to graduate....
  4. by   butterfly nurse
    Congratulations to you all, I know you guys are super excited (so am I )... If I haven't mentioned, I'm doing the accelerated route... & yes we all must buckle down and do what we have to in order to graduate....
  5. by   Nelle0802
    Yayyy Im so happy for all of us!!! Which school are you going to? OLOL or NSU? Im doing traditional as well...I haven't got a letter from NSU yet but I'm going to the Lake bc that's my first choice Hope to see everyone at orientation this Thursday
  6. by   Nelle0802
    And Yes we are blessed beyond measures!!!!!
  7. by   Ljohn97
    Hey butterfly nurse, question do you happen to know the actual break down of which courses we will be taking each semester? I'm trying to figure out my financial aid situation to see how much more I need to take out for living expenses! If you can get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!
  8. by   RNAspirations
    Hello ladies!

    This thread seems like it may have died, but I hope to breathe a few breaths into it. Of the ladies that were accepted into OLOL's first Accelerated BSN cohort, how are you guys doing? You should be in your second semester now, right? If anyone reads this, can you share some of your experiences, opinions or perceptions of the program?
  9. by   larutan
    I am planning to apply for the Spring 2014 semester. How is the program and how are you all coming along?
  10. by   mede102
    Hi There...so I am looking into this program (accelerated as well) and just want to know any insight you may have since you were accepted last fall...)
  11. by   larutan
    @Ljohn97@dai12 @Nelle0802 @butterfly nurse Hey ya'll!! How is school coming along? I plan to apply for the spring 2014 ABSN program and would like some insight on what to expect. How many classes do you have per day, what are the frequency of test, how many students are accepted into the ABSN program, how is the retention, what are your grades like, how is the campus and how much time do you spend studying. I know I have lots of questions, but the thread just stopped, lol. Your responses are greatly appreciated
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  12. by   nurseinthefuture4
    @larutan Have you taken the teas and if so what did you make?
  13. by   larutan
    I applied to the accelerated BSN program. Since I have a prior bachelor's degree it is not required for me to take the TEAS exam.