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I am going to apply to OLOL College. I was just wanted to get some feedback on how your experience was with this school, good teachers? Just any information would be great. Oh, what is the pass rate also. Thanks :dance:... Read More

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    the Mosby's 2009 Nursing Drug Reference has about 60 pages in the beginning of it that is excellent. If you study those 60 pages before school starts, you will be well ahead of the game. It outlines the different classes of drugs, their mechanism of action, common side effects, and examples of drugs in the class. Pharm is all memorization and understanding physiology, so if you don't remember A&P, review that, especially the autonomic NS, conduction system of the heart, and the kidneys.
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    Does anyone have information on the RN-BSN program or if they know which is easier OLOLC or SELU?

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