OLOL Accelerated programs

  1. Has anyone heard anything back from the New Orleans or the Metairie programs yet? I applied to both and am just waiting to hear anything at this point. Just curious.
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  3. by   whodat1986
    No news yet. Last Monday I called and was told they had not made a decision yet but that we should hear something in a couple of weeks. That's for Tulane though. My guess is for Metairie and Baton Rouge you'll have to wait another month or 2.
  4. by   whodat1986
    Actually I just heard that the letters will be sent out this week!!!! They said we should get them in a week or 2.
  5. by   greenelle79
    Lawd have mercy. I've never been this nervous about anything. I don't think I can wait much longer. So this week huh?? I'm afraid to bug them, but it seems like they should give you an idea of when. I just want to know to start getting all the financial aid and what not together, or so I can cry about being rejected.
  6. by   whodat1986
    Haha I'm sure you will be fine! I will be crossing my fingers for both of us! Let me know when you hear something.
  7. by   southernbelle225
    Today I recieved my acceptance letter for Tulane... I look forward to hearing the same from you all too!!!!
  8. by   greenelle79
    Really?!?!? Do you have to schedule for a interview??? Now I'm really on pins and needles.....
  9. by   southernbelle225
    Im just as surprised....there was no mention of an interview but Ive heard of olol scheduling interviews for past classes....who knows!!!! Keep checking your mail.....
  10. by   greenelle79
    I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   southernbelle225
    Now you can do the happy dance!!!!! What is the exact date that classes begin? Have you completed all your pre-reqs?
  12. by   greenelle79
    i love that dancing baby. so i'm currently taking chemistry and a online old testament class. i had someone check the mail and open my letter and read it, sooooo i won't believe it till i'm holding the letter when i get off work. the letter said orientation in june?? i thought classes begin as well in june. i have a 1001 questions right now. my head is spinning.
  13. by   whodat1986
    woop woop I got in toooo! What a relief.

    I know when I talked to them in January, classes were starting in July but they hadn't set a day yet. I'm finishing up my 2nd anatomy right now. Also, I know some old posts on here had people offering the notes for pharmacology...but I private messaged those people and either they haven't responded or they don't have them anymore. I'm going to ask a girl who graduated from OLOL BR to see if she still has them. If I find them, I'll let y'all know, because I've heard it's helpful to start studying pharm early.

    See y'all June 3rd!
  14. by   ciao_bella_504
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday for the Tulane location! i can breath now!!! im so excited!!!