OLOL Accelerated Nursing Pharm Notes

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    I have the complete notes for OLOL Acclerated RN Program in Pharm (Nurs 100) if someone would like them. The class is extraordinarily difficult, and it would be wise to check out the material prior to class starting.

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    I am new to this site and I am not sure how it works but, I would love to see the notes if you still have them. So, do I give you my email or can you send them thru this site?
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    We also lost one person for the 1st class, Medical Terminology. You may want to get a simple Med. Term book and study. Learn how to spell these words also.
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    If these notes are still available please let me know. Thank you! I heard that class was really difficult and if I can get a head start that would be great.
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    Please send me a private email address so I can attach the notes, there are a lot of them.

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    I have sent out all my copies. Thanks everyone and keep on studying!
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am starting the accelerated Nursing program in September in Baton Rouge. I would love to get any notes for pharmacology and medical terminology if anyone still has them. Thanks
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    There are a lot of notes. The same teacher teaches at both the BR accel. program and the NO accel. program, so the notes should be the same. Send me a personal web address as a private message and I will send them to you
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    Thanks, I am not sure how to send a private message. I live in California, but I will be in New Orleans on July 16th for orientation in Baton Rouge. I will confirm what books and other materials I need and maybe I can get them from you then. Thanks for all your help!! Have you started working yet?
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    It is better not to put your personal email address on the web site. I did that when I first started on here and a more experienced person taught me how to send private messages. I will pass it on to you. click on my name on the blog and you will see the pull down menu with a link to private messages.

    I will send you the information this afternoon


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