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  1. Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone can give me any information about what nursing schools to apply to. I will be finished with all of my pre-reqs next semester and will start applying in Feb. Does anyone know anything about William Carey's program in New Orleans? I was looking at Our Lady of Holy Cross, Nicholls St, and Southern University. I am currently enrolled at Delgado but I didn't want to wait until next Jan to get into their school. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   knothole
    I am in Charity now and had to wait a year and a half to get in. I waited till after I finished my PRs then applied....mistake. Charity is a great school, I am not knocking other schools, that is well known and respected. Charity has the highest % of pass rate for the NCLEX in the area and state (not certain). Anyway hope this helps.

  4. by   JustKeepSmiling
    I am going to Charity for fall 09.
    My decision was mostly Charity vs LSU. I chose Charity for a # of reasons... mostly because it well prepares you for a career in nursing and to successfully pass the nclex.
    Most other programs are bachelors and I'm not interested in being in school for another 4 years, especially since I spent 2 years at UNO as premed before I decided nursing where I want to be.

    I also called up my doctors office and spoke to some of the nurses and got their feedback. A handfull of nurses from non-Charity schools said they didn't feel as prepared when they started as their Charity co-workers. Could be horse sh*t as far as I know but thats what they said. I have a few nurses in my family, a cousin went to LSU and was pretty high up at a local hospital until she decided to start a family and had to step down.

    It really just depends on you.. do you want a BSN?... do you NEED a BSN? What program fits you best? And not app prerequisites are the same across the board... you need to check into that.

    IMHO.. Charity is worth the wait. It's a fantastic program and will prepare you very well.
  5. by   chandarachelle
    Thank you for all of your help. I really did want to get my bachelors, but I have heard that Charity is the best. I am going to apply for Spring 10 and see how it goes. I will still apply to some other schools also.
  6. by   JustKeepSmiling
    Grr!!! My reply just got deleted!!! Ah I will try again, lol

    "dont put all your eggs in one basket" is what I say. Definitely apply to different schools. At least if you apply now, you will have that as an option come this fall when you get the admissions decision from Charity. Options are good. You have until the end of this Jan to apply for spring 10. If you haven't taken the TEAS, I highly recommend the study manual.

    I am doing my RN now with Charity, I want to begin working and hopefully I can do the three 12hrs shifts a week like most nurses down here say they work and meanwhile, I can do an RNBSN transition at OLHCC or LSU. The LSU is only a few good credits more, most of which I already have. I need chemistry, which will be taken at UNO over the summer because I hated chemistry at delgado. The lab they make you take is worthless. This track is something you may want to consider. Talk to the LSU advisors, they are very helpful.

    Feel free to message me, I've taken almoooost all my classes. I'm taking my last one.. Microbiology this spring. I would be happy to try to help you, pass on some of the advice/knowledge others have given to me.

    Good luck, whichever path you take! I understand your desire to have a BSN, it is just a personal goal of mine.. and the thought of being a midwife lurks in my brain... and the BSN is a step to that. But we'd love to have ya @ Charity!
  7. by   NStiger88
    If you want a BSN, go to LSU. its a hard program but its only three years (one more than charity i believe) and I have heard good things from graduates. Its more lecture than other programs but I guess that means you get more info! haha Also, the best part is that LSU is the only NS in the state that has cadavers in the labs that the nursing students get to work on.
    Also, the #1 NS in LA is Southeastern-they have a 99% graduation rate. I heard Nicholls is also very good.
    My sister went to Charity and loved it. The only downside i see is having to go back to school to get your BSN and there is a waitlist. but she learned alot from her clinicals and says it was very hands-on.
  8. by   kelbert82
    Hi iwas wondering if i have to finish a&p1 lab before appling to charity i have all other pre reqs and i am taking my teas on feb 4th to submit application to charity by feb 27th deadline anyone advice?
  9. by   Smartferret
    According to this page on the CSN website: , you must have completed the lab for your application package to be considered complete.
  10. by   knothole
    Yes you must have your Labs completed before you can start. Also say you start charity (ADN program) and want to switch to LSU (BSN) midstream, you cant. LSU does not except Delgado's A&Ps. Just FYI.
  11. by   apitslife
    I applied to Charity before I took any of my A&Ps and I was accepted and start this semester. You need to have taken the general classes like your English and Maths before you can be considered but you have a year to take the other stuff you need before you start. You just have to have your A&P I lab and lecture complete before first semester. Although, no one recommends taking A&P II during your Basics and Pharm. It's best to take everything but your Nursing classes in the year you have to wait.

    Check out the Curriculum track online... Your A&P I classes are pre-reqs to ENROLLMENT not application.

    I know a lot of classmates that were confused by this too and they wasted a year. DCC should really make it clear. But I promise I am right b/c I was accepted before I finished A&Ps.

    Good Luck!
  12. by   JustKeepSmiling
    I believe ap1 is now a requirement to apply. I personally believe you should take it to increase your chances of admission, because a grade here is indicative if you can do well in harder sciences, and it will help you determine if this is career path for you... a lot bit of people change their mind post ap1, and more post ap2. Ap2 is a real kicker for a lot of people. The TEAS is required to apply and the just raised the minimum score from a 64.something to a 70, I do believe. Check that.
    I wouldn't aim that low anyway... it doesn't make you competitive.

    LSU does accept the AP credits for the BSN transition, however you're correct.. not midstream... as in start Charity then up and decide you want to do LSU prior to finishing the ADN.

    For Charity... its highly recommended that you finish all related courses prior to beginning nursing classes.. basics & pharm. Taking ap2 with pharm seems mad.

    A professor of biology & AP at DCC, is a great person to consult with in regards to allied health programs. I had him for ap2 and he was fantastic. He really helped me and was honest with my questions. He really is a "no b.s." person... very straight up.

    Personally, I just don't see the point in me needing a BSN straight out of school. I know I'm going to be working bedside.. how are "theories" and "nurse management" going to help? **not trying to pick a fight!!!!!** but to me.. it seems more logical [for me] to get my ADN... begin working.. then transition over to a BSN while I am working. I've inspected all the local RN BSN transitions and it only takes about 3 semesters... Holy Cross is fully online!
    And on that note... online is great & convenient to help me get the BSN in case I want to take my nursing career further... however, how is an online degree going to help with beside nursing.....? There's no hands on there... just food for thought...

    I love the hands on approach to Charity and their emphasis on clinicals and being in the hospital and experiencing it fully. I want to feel confident and able to make logical and skilled decisions as a graduate nurse, and I fully believe Charity will provide me with that.

    I think people considering schools should really physically go investigate the school, don't just go off the website.
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  13. by   kelbert82
    Thank you i took both englishs and got b's in both both maths and a&p lec and psych all passed with c or above
    3.2 gpa i just got my appt for my teas exam on feb 4th and the deadline for spring 2010 application is january 31st that stinks so i guess i have to wait until fall 2010 or can submit my application prior to getting my teas score really confused and i called charity and really got no help except yep you will have to wait?
  14. by   JustKeepSmiling

    ***The application package is COMPLETE only when we have ALL of the following:
    TEAS scores, application, transcripts, and minimum course requirements***

    (here it indicates that AP1 is now part of the minimum requirements. When I went to get advised in March 08, they suggested I take AP1 over the summer to meet the Aug 31 deadline for Fall 09 class... which I did.)