New Nurse Grad in NOLA - Where are the jobs?

  1. I have applied to Tulane, Ochsner, East Jefferson and Slidell memorial Hospital with no luck. I started applying last week and haven't heard anything yet (maybe I'm being impatient). I'm not sure if I'm being anxious or if there aren't available positions for new RN grads. I came out here with my boyfriend who just started working at Ochsner this week... he applied and got an offer from Ochsner within 1 week. I have a CA license and I just applied for a LA license, but I'm not sure that's what is keeping me from getting a job?

    I'm really worried as the loan bills are stacking up!

    Any advice?
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  3. by   plinytheRN
    Just keep trying, speak to HR or nurse recruitment personally and make a connection with them. I have heard that Ochsner is hiring, I just got hired at Our Lady of the Lake RMC in Baton Rouge (also a new grad from CA...) I told them I was "in the process of getting my license" and didn't have it yet. It was fine. There are tons of hospitals in the Baton Rouge area if you are in an area to commute. Good luck!
  4. by   Clandry225
    Try some nursing employment agencies. One of my good friends started doing home healthcare through an agency when she graduated. I'm not sure what area you're interested in but, an agency might be a good start. Good luck and please update!!!