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  1. Well, my interview at Tulane was yesterday and hopefully this post will help some of you who haven't had yours yet. To sum up my interview: I really did not do a good job representing myself at all. The questions did make you think, but it is the atmosphere that makes the questions more difficult to answer. I have made a living as a public communicator for the past six years and you never would have guessed it from my interview yesterday. I sounded like I was under the influence, it was my nerves. My worst response was to the one question that is on every interviewers list, "Why should we choose you?" Instead of saying, I am a proven leader with excellent communication skills who always is the first to volunteer, and push the team through to successful completion. . . I went blank. Crickets started chirping. Then I started bumbling. Rambling. It was awful. My nervousness ruined it. I also am worried that they are not going to choose me because I do not live in New Orleans, even though I already have my living arrangements set up. And they were not impressed with the fact that I have not finished my prereqs. . I will be done in only a few weeks with my last class.

    MY BIGGEST TIP: Use proactive words. Instead of saying: I WILL NOT finish my prereqs until late July. Say: My prereqs WILL BE completed in a few weeks and I expect excellent grades.

    I also found a very good manual to prepare for interviews specifically designed for nurses. . I don't remember the website but google the title: The Complete Guide To Successful Interviewing For Nursing Students And Alumni. By Mary M. Somers/Johns Hopkins University. You can print the entire thing online. (Alot of the questions were similar to the format in this printout)

    The panel of three interviewers are very nice and it is nothing to get as nervous as I did over. You guys who haven't interviewed yet, go in there and rock out! Take your time if you need to collect your thoughts and do great!

    And Good Luck to you all! You are going to do wonderful! As for me, I think only a miracle could help me recover.
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    TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally forgot you had your interview yesterday. weren't alone with all the nervousness and such. I was so nervous while waiting that I pitted out my dress shirt!!!!! HAHAHA Also, I only have Chemistry this summer and they seemed not too happy that I hadn't finished it as of yet. Also I will have a small commute from the Northshore, and yet I think they wanted me to be closer. I told them though that I already have an hr and fifteen minute drive to Baton Rouge for my chem class...what's a 40 minute drive across the causeway??!!?
    Overall they were nice and not intimidating but the questions they asked to me seemed to be hard to answer under pressure and without adequate time to think. A minute seemed like 20...

    Ourselves are our toughest critic. I am sure you did great and just like myself are thinking of all the great things we should have said to sell ourselves better. Now all we can do is wait and PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i'm sure you guys did fine! my interview is tomorrow...wish me luck! thanks for the info tracy.
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    I am thinking of you right should be in the middle of your interview...saying a prayer for you. Good Luck Angie!!!!
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    i wish I have seen this post earlier because i went to an interview this morning. I know i didn't represent myself clearly. I rather write for the interview.. I have already taken all the prerequisite. Now, I do not know what to do is to wait for the letter. The thing surprised me during the interview is that they are only accepting 37 candidates instead of 50. I felt my hope is declining.
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    TIP if you have a camcorder pratice answering questions and see how you look

    those people you were being grilled by were in the same boat at some time in their career probably several times they know what stress can do to the most organized mind

    good luck on getting the position/shift that you want
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    What were the first two weeks like?? Did they dive right in with starting clinicals? I am guessing since it is around 19 hours for the semester, that they break the classes up into minimesters...Would you be able to give an example of what a typical day consisted of?? Sorry for all the questions, but I am curious and anxious. Thanks so much.
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    Hello to all of you,
    I finished the accelerated program in May 2006. My class started out with 51 students and ended with 30 in Baton Rouge. We graduated on time and every one I have talked to has passed the NCLEX. It was a very trying 9 months but so worth it. If any of you have any questions about teachers, what to know, etc... please feel free to send me a personal message and I will help in any way possible. I have three young kids, 2,3, and7 and I did it. You all can too. Stay in touch and good luck.
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