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I am trying to apply to nursing school for the Fall 2010 semester. I am terrified that I will not get into the program. Currently my GPA is 3.4. I have 3 C's on my transcript in Biology Lab, Sociology, and Microbiology. Will... Read More

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    Hey everyone. I recently found this board and the information on here is excellent. I was wondering if I could ask some advice. I am about to mail in my application for the LSUHSC BSN program for Spring of 2011. I have a 3.8 GPA and my prereq GPA is about 3.86. I have an A in Biology and an A in Chemistry and the social sciences. However, I just took my HESI yesterday and I received dissapointing results. For one, I had no idea there would be a Anatomy and Physiology section on there and since I have never had the class i scored a 40 on that section. I also am just now signed up to take Microbiology for the summer school session, and I originally took Biology a year ago, so I scored a low 64 on the Biology section. All my other scores were high, mostly above 90, but the 40 in A&P and the 64 in Biology brought my Cumulative score down to a 79.

    My question is, will this very badly effect my application, even with my good GPA? Should I consider retaking the HESI and am I even allowed to do that? Should I even send in the rest of my application now or should I wait to see if I can retake and improve my HESI?

    Any input would be very well appreciated. Thanks! Good luck to all.
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    did you get in?

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