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  1. by   dpete18
    All this waiting is making me sick to my stomach. Anyone tried to call the Office of Student Affairs to get a guess-timate on when letters will be mailed out?
  2. by   nola_89
    I'm not sure of when they will start mailing letters but I do know that Delgado already mailed out denial letters.
  3. by   Chin05
    Quote from nola_89
    I'm not sure of when they will start mailing letters but I do know that Delgado already mailed out denial letters.
    Haven't gotten acceptance or denial from Charity yet but I know on other message boards a few folks have gotten their acceptance letters.
  4. by   elenaj99
    I actually called the office last week and they weren't very helpful. Kept repeating that they didn't have any certain deadline that they had to send out acceptance/denial letters before.
  5. by   Chin05
    Ok gave Student Affairs a call earlier I asked if they sent out acceptance or denial letters yet and they person I spoke with says they haven't sent out either. Let the waiting continue :-(
  6. by   dpete18
    Thanks for the updates! All this waiting is killing me...
  7. by   hmarie09
    Has anyone heard anything? This waiting is awful!!
  8. by   Heartofachampion
    I totally understand the wait and anxiety of anticipation, but it will soon be over. When I was accepted, I received my letter the first week of I'm sure that you all will know something this week. Well wishes to you all..and be prepared for a transition, life changing experience like no other. I'm sure that there is no other nursing program like this one! It is indeed intense and challenging;however, it is their goal to make us THE BEST of THE BEST! Well wishes!!! And NEVER give up!
  9. by   hlynn114
    Based on how soon last year's applicants got their acceptance letters, we could get ours as soon as this week. I am sooo incredibly nervous. The wait is killing me.
  10. by   dpete18
    So I've been checking the website like crazy for any updates of any kind and I went to the "New Students" tab to see if they changed their instructions from "Spring 2013 incoming students" to "Fall 2013 incoming students", and they have!! Here's a link to what I'm talking about: LSUHSC School of Nursing | New Students - Undergraduate

    It must be a sign that letters are coming out soon! Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!
  11. by   JPaz-
    A director from the nursing school came to speak to our seminar group this evening, he said letters went out today. (and I thought the anxiety couldn't get any worse..) GOOD LUCK ALL!
  12. by   hlynn114
    OMG I could throw up hearing that news. I'm so nervous.
  13. by   Chin05
    Soooo I'm absolutely terrified. I keep preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. At this rate I'm sure I'll die of an anxiety attack before I even get the letter in the mail lol