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    I JUST got a phone call! My interview is on the 16th at 2pm!

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    Congrats to everyone getting calls! From what i've read on previous boards it seems as if they do 2 rounds of interviews so if anyone hasn't gotten a call yet I wouldn't freak out just yet. We made it to the first round! Then we wait in agony for acceptance letters

    Staying positive through this whole process... at
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    One more thing the lady who called said I could go to the website and go to "Prospective Student" to find the information I needed to get to the building, where the interview would be etc. but I couldn't find anything other than the basic program and application information. Anyone instructed to do the same?
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    She told me that I would be receiving an e-mail I'm a few days with instructions on where to park and how to get into the building.
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    Same thing goes for me.
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    I applied for the fall 2013 semester too. They took the $50 fee out on feb 1st, still haven't gotten a phone call, and have been a nervous wreck since I turned in the application.
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    Got my email confirmation around 1:30 pm today. No instructions though. It says to check the website though
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    Got my phone call today, set up my time, but no email..
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    Quote from nola_89
    Got my phone call today, set up my time, but no email..
    I got my phone call Monday and me email yesterday. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting one soon.
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    Did u apply for the care program...nervous because I haven't heard from them yet!

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