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Hey guys...I started the LSU Fall 2013 Thread and got wait listed :unsure:... haven't heard anything back from them except that all their spots are full. So I'm getting ready to apply for their spring semester. For the rest of... Read More

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    A lot a lot of info for orientation. But like they reiterated, it can be done, they all did it! We can as well let's get focused 3 years to go!
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    Hello guys,
    My name is Katie and I got in last semester and took classes, but need to retake physiology so I'll be a part of the Class of December of 2016 now! Since I've already gone through intro and level orientations before and gotten through the semester, and it seems there's a bit of confusion, I thought I'd give yall an idea of what to expect.
    1. You need your titers, immunizations, etc sent in to LSUHSC as soon as possible. They can put a hold on your account for this. You don't start clinicals until your second semester but because patients still come through the buildings we learn in, it is still important that you know you are safe! Don't forget your flu shot if you haven't gotten it yet. Sometimes these things can take up to a week to come back in so try to get it done and make sure everything is signed! My doctor filled out the physical and labwork portions but forgot to sign- several people had the same issue and they won't accept it!
    2. You don't need to be CPR certified until you start clinicals. I will be trying to take Health Assessment over the summer to shorten my work load for next semester. So I need it done by then. If you plan to take classes normally, and not jump ahead, then you do not need this until August although they probably have a date sooner than that that they would prefer you have it in by to clear you for clinicals.
    3. You don't technically need your malpractice insurance until you start clinicals either. It took no time, maybe a day or two, to get my insurance through. I got mine early this semester, that's just one more semester you have to pay for it and one less thing you have to do before getting cleared for clinicals. You do not need it to attend class since you aren't dealing with patients but they may try to get you to get it early because they have SO many issues with people turning in things last minute.
    4. You will need a background check, urine/drug test, CPR/BLS certification, etc and these things take time and MONEY. Several hundred dollars depending on where you go. Again, you have until clinicals to do this but be prepared financially and timewise to get these things completed. Not sure if yall did orientation yet but they will explain this all there. LSUHSC is sometimes unclear about deadlines, and we spent most of our semester confused as to when we needed this all done by.
    5. You do not need a stethoscope, white scrubs, purple bag + supplies, etc until you go to your clinicals either! You will want at least one pair of scrubs or old clothes for Anatomy lab. And we have dress code policy at LSUHSC where they are trying to get us to stop wearing yoga pants, no shorts, no sweat clothes, etc so it may be in good interest to buy some scrubs to wear to class, or scrub pants at least to avoid breaking this rules. They have not been strict about this, but are implementing a uniform (polo and khakis) for the fall we are hearing because they are tired of us looking unprofessional. Not my decision, I own an entire drawer of yoga pants, but since they don't want us to wear them I just bought some scrub pants and stuff to avoid conflict.
    6. Books: I belong to last semesters facebook group still and just requested to be a member of the new one for this semester. I will try to get some peoples' info and what books/supplies they are selling and for how much so yall don't have to buy everything brand new.
    Last semester we needed
    1. PHYSIOLOGY: Vanders human physiology 13th edition - you NEED this book and will not pass without it. This is the biggest weed out class. It's hard! Keep this book at your side at all times. You can use older editions but if you can afford it, the 13th may have one or two things you could miss. They're pretty similar though and you could definitely make it work with another edition. You will also need a clicker- not the flat long ones we're used to but they kind for CPS on einstruction. It looks more round- they sell them in the bookstore at school and I suggest buying it there to ensure you get the right kind. You will need to register this online and he has a page as to how on the syllabus on moodle.
    2. ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: Abnormal psychology by Ronald J. Comer 8th edition. You can use older editions, Dr. Lawing went straight off the slides so I never used to book but some people needed to. I've also taken several psych classes before so it was more of a refresher course for me. She said she NEEDED the 8th edition but honestly, the biggest issue is that the DSM 5 made changes but she notes all of the changes in class that she wants you to know... she was really cool about that if you did have an older edition once she saw how much cheaper they were.

    3. HUMAN ANATOMY Atlas of Anatomy by Brian R. MacPherson, Michael Schuenke, Anne M. Gilroy, Erik Schulte and Lawrence M. Ross (2008, Paperback, New Edition)--that book is a MUST there is also a textbook that is recommended...i dont know many other than myself that used it...i thought it was helpful for several reasons...but you can make that decision... it is : human anatomy 5th edition? by marieb mallatt and wilhelm
    *** You will also need gloves and scalpel blades for this class available in the book store pretty cheap. Maybe $20 a box of gloves and blades are maybe 25 cents each. Need a few per each lab (once a week)

    4. INTRO TO NURSING fundamentals of nursing--the art and science of nursing 7th edition? By: Taylor, Lillis, Lemone, and Lynn ---this is the same book you will use in Soph II for foundations i also bought the study guide that went along with it...this is a recommended book, but not required (i never used it though, but i'm sure i will this semester when i take foundations..) other required books for this course are: -American Nurses Association. (2001) Guide to the code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Silver Spring, MD: Author. -American Nurses Association. (2010). Nursing: Scope and Standards of practice. Silver Spring, MD: Author. -American Nurses Association. (2010) Nursing's social policy statement: The essence of the profession (3rd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Author. -American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Baltimore, MD: Garamond/Pridemark. [2nd printing]
    ***** many of these are small and very cheap little ... almost pamphlets. Some of these are available to print from online so wait until class starts and see what she links yall to. You may be able to save a little cash. You don't need these books right away so if you wait and see what you can get for free online, you could amazon or bookstore the rest as needed. We BARELY used this IMO. Anything she wanted you to know about it came from class, but you are held responsible for knowing the codes you need to abide by as a nurse so I suggest keeping and buying them anyway!
    ********editions and books can change at any time but I think this is all of what we needed for last semester. Just a heads up so you can start pricing and figuring all this out. It's overwhelming but worth it! I'm Kaitlin and just joined the facebook group linked earlier in this thread if you have any questions or anything, I might be able to help.
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    @Kroth613 thanks for all the info! These are some very good tips.