LSU CARE 2012?

  1. Hi All -

    Like so many here, I have been working on pre-reqs with the hope of being accepted to the LSU CARE program for Fall 2012. It's not too early to start freaking out is it?? I have a BA in English with a terrible GPA, but since I graduated 20 years ago, I went on to have a successful career as a management consultant, including a stint with PricewaterhouseCoopers. I am doing my last semester of pre-reqs now - currently have a 3.6 in my pre/co reqs with A(s) in Bio, Physical Science, Micro (so far - we'll see how the rest of the semester goes!), Psych and Sociology. From what I've read, the essay and interview also play a big part in the selection process. Any other tips from people who've lived through this? The deadline is January 15, so I have 3 more months to prepare. I'm worried that my overall undergrad GPA, which is a 2.03, will doom my application even though my pre/co req GPA is strong. I would appreciate any advice about what else I can do between now and January 15th to make the strongest application possible. Thanks all!
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  3. by   jschex6
    First off, congrats on applying to the CARE program. I started it this semester and it is intense. I was out of school 10 years so it does take some time getting back into the swing of things. As far as the application process goes, I think they will look at your pre-req GPA more than your overall GPA. Also the essay and your interview will play a huge part. I would recommend having your packet completed by December and hand delivering it to LSU. A week before everything is due I would call and double check to make sure they have everything as sometimes they can enter wrong information into the computer. Everyone that submits an application will get an interview. You usually interview with one faculty member and two senior students. The students need to participate in the interview processing to get credit for their management course. I thought I had bombed my interview and still got accepted so don't sweat it, just be yourself. A few words of advice, if you haven't already, take Abnormal Psychology. If you take it now then you won't have to take it in the fall which will allow you more time to focus on Anatomy and Physiology. Trust me, you want the extra time to study Physiology!! I would contact (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) to see what abnormal psych courses are transferable to LSU so that you can make sure you take the right one. Also, I would say if you can, start saving now because you will not be able to work when you start nursing school. It is too intense!! My husband and I actually started putting my paycheck into our savings account at the beginning of the year and just tried to live off of his salary to see if we could make it. That actually worked out really well and let us build up our saving to where I didn't have to take out student loans when I quit my job. It is just a thought.
    If you have any other questions, please let me know. I remember being in your shoes this time last year and it is nerve-wracking. Especially waiting for that acceptance letter. Good luck to you. I wish you all the best.

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  4. by   NolaRachel
    I just started CARE this semester and you sound so much like me a year ago. My undergrad degree was in Theatre and my GPA was around a 2.3, so I feel where you're coming from. My prereq GPA ended up around a 3.7 and I had a decent professional resume by the time I applied. So, while I'm not saying don't sweat it, it's certainly possible to get in with a less than stellar academic history.

    As for the interview and essay, just looking at the type of people in our program, everyone seems distinctively committed and serious about being here and I think those two factors have to be the driving force behind that. My interview went well because the students I had interviewing me knew I was nervous and tried to make me comfortable and focus on the questions they were asking, so I'm grateful for that.

    Jaime pretty much gave the run down on how the rest of the process goes. Be sure not to freak out when it's been a few months since you submitted your application and you haven't heard back. Admissions letters seem to go out at different times every year.

    As for class credit, they have historically taken credit for Abnormal Psych, 8 credit hours worth of A&P (lecture and labs) for Anatomy credit (they make you take their Physiology course no matter what), Pathophysiology, Research, and Genetics. That being said, you should definitely check in with the CARE Program Director before taking a class for the purpose of getting it out of the way in advance.

    Good luck getting through the application and waiting game. It's totally worth it.
  5. by   nolalola
    Thanks you guys! Just finished the last semester of prereqs - starting on the essay now. I hope to see you guys there in the fall!
  6. by   thisjeff
    Thanks for the info. I've applied for fall 2012 as well.
  7. by   nolalola
    Hi Thisjeff - have you gotten a date/time for your interview yet? Mine is this Saturday. I'm not crazy nervous (yet) but I'm not looking forward to the months of waiting after the interview! Good luck to you!

  8. by   dcmedgrl
    2012-Has anyone been accepted to CARE Program for August 2012?
  9. by   nolalola
    Hi - we won't find out for a few more months. There is another round of interviews scheduled for mid-March and then we will receive the letters late April/early May. Have you applied?
  10. by   dcmedgrl
    I know someone that applied and I was curious. I have already completed nursing school. I started in CARE but did not finish in CARE. I did not make it the semester before the last one. I failed Critical Care. It was hard not graduating with my class. Yet, I retook the course with the traditional students the next semester, passed Critical Care and graduated. The last semester is a combination with Traditional. So I went all the way until the last accelerated semester before I didn't pass. There were several of us so I did not feel all alone. Nonetheless, the emotional affects were strong and we worked through it together. Study hard, stay focused, don't be critical, respect the honor code, respect your instructors and be nice to class mates. Have a clear understanding about using old notes, old tests and what is cheating. Students are dismissed at LSUHSC for this as cheating. Have a clear understanding about this before accepting old notes or tests. They do not tolerate it and they will dismiss students. Good luck. I wish you well.
  11. by   nolalola
    Thank you dcmedgrl!

    I really appreciate the insight, and congratulations on graduating from a great program!

    Although we still have 2+ months to hear about acceptance I am already climbing the walls. I just want to hear something...NOW
  12. by   thisjeff
    Hi NolaLola - My interview was the same day as yours. It felt like it went well but you never know. It looks like last year people started hearing as early as mid April so hopefully we only have 6 weeks of anticipation left!
  13. by   dcmedgrl
    Has anyone received word of acceptance for CARE Aug 2012. I would imagine you should be hearing soon huh? Andrea
  14. by   jschex6
    If anyone is interested in touring LSUHSC and finding out more about the CARE program, they are having informational sessions, May 3, May 24, and June 7. I attended one last year before I got accepted into the program and it really helps in making you understand what you are getting yourself into. Check out the link below. I also want to wish everyone luck with getting their acceptance letters. I remember how painfully nerve wracking it was at this time last year. Also, a bit of advice, try to take Abnormal Psychology or Genetics this summer, that way you won't have to take it at LSUHSC. It will save you time and extra headaches from course overload! Just make sure whatever course you take, the credits are accepted.

    LSUHSC School of Nursing | Prospective Students - Informational Sessions