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Hi All - Like so many here, I have been working on pre-reqs with the hope of being accepted to the LSU CARE program for Fall 2012. It's not too early to start freaking out is it?? :) I have a BA... Read More

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    YAY THISJEFF!!! That's fabulous - congratulations!!!!!

    Thanks Jschex and Andrea! I will check out Delgado's Ab Psych and see if there is a class open this summer. Woohoo!!!!

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    I was accepted in Care 2012! I have a feeling we will all be getting to know each other very well shortly!
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    Does anyone know if any place is offering genetics?
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    Delgado is offering Abnormal Psych but its in Covington. So this would be ideal for anyone living on the NS!
    11060 Open - 21 of 30 Lecture MTWR 11:30-12:45PM
    Covington 270
    WYLLIE S Normal Academic Term
    05-30-12 to 07-18-12
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    Just make sure whatever Abnormal Psychology or Genetics course you take, that it gets approved by the Director of the CARE program because things have a way of changing quite often at LSUHSC. I know when I started they accepted PSYC 3082 from LSU-BR as well as well as BIOL 2153 and BIOL 4246 for Genetics but you may want to double check just in case. I would suggesting emailing her on if the courses are accepted or not, that way you have it in writing.
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    jschex6 will they also accept pathopsyhiology.... or have they in the past? I was thinking about taking it this summer if so. I figured Id check here and then email them
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    I highly doubt that they will accept patho. They really like you to take physiology and patho there. They do accept Anatomy credits but I would strongly recommend taking Anatomy at LSUHSC because the experience you get from the cadaver lab is incredible. I will never forget it. Some people opted out of taking Anatomy their first semester to have a lighter course load and I think they regretted it in the end. Just my
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    Congratulations Amanda! And thanks again JSCHEX for all the great info - you've been like our guardian angel!

    When I met with the head of the CARE program, she told me the same thing that JSCHEX did - that it is really important for CARE students to take the LSU anatomy and physiology classes with the program. Have you seen LSU's distance learning Abnormal Psych offering? It looks like you can complete it at your own pace (meaning you don't have to take it within a specific timeframe) and it costs $403. I am going to check with Ms. P and see if they will accept transfer credit for this class - that might make our lives MUCH easier in the fall!

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    I am so happy for all of you. Congratulations.
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    Has anyone looked into taking CPR yet? Tulane is offering BLS for healthcare provdiers class Tuesday May 1, 5-9PM, $75.00. I was thinking about registering if any one else was interested?! I want to get it out of the way before summer starts!

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