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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

  1. by   ysanchez0216
    Got my call today! It is for 10/20 at 1pm!
  2. by   StephanieZie
    Good luck to everyone...I had a question about LSU's sociology pre-req requirement. I know some places say it can be sociology or something else like poli-sci, cultural anthropology, etc., so I was just wondering, when LSU says "sociology - 3 hours" does that mean it absolutely has to be a course entitled "sociology"? I have anthropology courses coming out of my ears, history, linguistics, foreign language, political science, etc., but I don't have a "sociology" course. I'm going to be really down if one silly little intro to sociology course holds me up and costs me another year. Thanks for your time!
  3. by   KristenNola
    @StephanieZie, well I have to tell you that over the summer I sent my transcript to Admissions at LSU and they said that I don't have Sociology course fulfilled. My transcript is filled with foreign language classes, political science class, public speaking classes, humanities classes, and whatnot. I was told to take an Intro to Soc. class which is the only class I did not fulfill. So needless to say I am currently in Intro to Soc class. But you can always send them a copy of your transcript and they can go over it and tell you what classes you have fulfilled and which ones you still need. What semester are you applying for?
  4. by   StephanieZie
    Well, I'm actually thinking about applying for CARE, and I'd read that the admission deadline was January 15th for Fall 2013. I wonder if they accept CLEP in place of the course? There's no way I can have the pre-req fulfilled by Jan 15th if they insist on sociology, so maybe that would be a way I could do it.
  5. by   StephanieZie
    Never mind, I just got an email back from them, and she said cultural anthropology can substitute!
  6. by   Loan Tran
    Another way to fulfill a missing course before the Jan deadline for Nursing is to take Intersession;that is for future reference.
  7. by   Katmlacy
    Got my call today for 11 am 20 October!! Does anyone know if we get accepted what our class graduation date would be?
  8. by   kp2012
    I took a couple pre-reqs through Barstow Community College in California. They offer a lot of them online in 6 week sessions (for example, a few years ago I took Intro to Psychology and the class didn't start till the middle of October). Not sure what they'd cost you (I was a resident of CA at the time) but alteast it would get you the class this semester. Santa Barbara City College in CA follows this format too.
  9. by   kp2012
    Has anyone else on this thread been accepted to Charity for Spring 2013?
  10. by   Chin05
    I think I'm getting close to just giving up and trying for next year.... still no phone call and September is practically over . Did everyone get a phone call except me? Didn't think my grades were that bad. I have a 3.3 for the nursing pre reqs and a 3.0 overall.
  11. by   JNStringer
    I know it may seem like the end of the world if you don't get in this semester but keep trying there's always next semester!
    that's what happened to me last semester ( I didn't get in fall 2012) and I'm waiting to hear back for the spring 2013 keep trying!!! don't give up

    ps- I hear most girls who don't get in the first time get in the second has happened to alot of girls
  12. by   ashleyBR
    Im looking for a roommate if anyone is interested!
    Im from Baton rouge and applied for the spring 2013 semester!
  13. by   nurse.stg
    I was a nervous mess during my interview. It wasnt bad I was just super nervous. I hope I get in though :/ LSU is the only school I applied to that it out of TX (I live in Dallas) I needed options and LSU seemed like a good school so I went for it. Hope my hard work pays off and I just hope it was good enough to get me in. I've been praying really hard