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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative... Read More

  1. by   lsutigermmm
    Idk why I said polymetric. I was told the test had to be taken at a prometric test center, just to make sure that all the right sections were taken. It seems like you've followed all the steps so idk what the problem could be. I would probably call and see if their still making interview calls that might help with the stress a little.
  2. by   Mimin_5o4
    I called today. They got my app. The lady asked why i waited so long and they are still taking the apps to review it. So idk.... everyone getsAnd interview that passes the app process as in you provided everything they asked for... Transcripts, app fee, paper, application, and the hesi should be automatically forwarded to them if you took it through prometric....(it's prometric y'all. Lol)
  3. by   Sydlie
    LSUTigermmm: Blame auto-corrects, it's happened to the best of us! Especially under stress

    mgmgmg: Thanks for the info, that gives me hope that they aren't just done calling & I lost out. I guess it's just frustrating because I turned my app in a month before the deadline, so I feel like I've somehow been waiting longer? Or, you know, I could just accept the fact that anxiety about something like this is normal. Fingers crossed for those of us still waiting!
  4. by   Mimin_5o4
    good luck you all!! I am giving them by the end of the week to call me. >.<
  5. by   mgsmgsmgs
    I finally got my phone call. I have an interview scheduled for this Saturday at 11!
  6. by   Mimin_5o4
    Congrats mgsmgs!! I'm still waiting :/ what time and when did they call
  7. by   mgsmgsmgs
    They called me yesterday at 9am and I missed the call. I called back and was told to call back this morning. I talked to them at around 9:30 and yesterday was a long day of anxiety waiting I hear from them again
  8. by   keljones91
    Congrats to those of you who got interviews! I have mine Saturday at 1:00. Does anyone know where to park while we're in the interview??

    And does anyone know what the average HESI score and GPA was last year?
  9. by   amber92292
    I have heard of at least 3 people with the interview this Saturday at 11...weird! Kel, on the phone they told me to park in the parking garage (not quite sure where) and then take the elevator to the 3rd floor..which puts you in the crosswalk and leads into the nursing school which will be the first building on the left? I'm pretty sure that's what they told me.
  10. by   greenkat123
    hey keljones91 : i also have my interview at 1 on the same day as you!! ahh im so nervous im afraid i will just blank out when they ask me something
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  11. by   Sydlie
    I called & asked today and they said they're still making calls to set up interviews. If you haven't been called yet, all hope is not lost!
  12. by   Mimin_5o4
    Did thy call u yet sydlie? Hope they call us soon!
  13. by   Sydlie
    Still no call & I must admit, I'm running low on hope that it's going to happen, but when I called yesterday they said they were still calling people to set up interviews. I'm going to call again on Wednesday to ask again if I haven't heard by then. I don't know how many people they have making calls, but if you assume they have to call 200 applicants, it's been at least 6 days they've been working on it now & (rounding up) that would require 34 calls a day- not unreasonable if they have a few people working on it, but if it's just one or 2 people calling, they still have to do other things, too, I assume.

    My big hope is that if I don't get a call, they'll send me a letter explaining why so that I can fix it and apply again for the spring.