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Hi. I am very interested in the accelerated ASN program at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Can anyone give me any information on this program? I've seen the information that is available... Read More

  1. by   Dream2BeNP
    WhoDat1986: Thanks for helping out us here. Do you by any chance have the Pharm notes from your class that you can email to me? Any other suggestions/notes you have to share? Also, I was wondering if you can tell me what book is gonna be used for Pharm so I can order it and start studying from now. Do you suggest to start studying for any subject before starting? Thanks soooooo much for your help!
  2. by   curiousKayPee
    Dream2BeNP:Which program are you applying to or have you applied already?
  3. by   Dream2BeNP
    CuriousKayPee: I already got accepted to Accelerated ASN at Tulane for this January start date.....what about you?
  4. by   curiousKayPee
    Dream2BeNP: I'm applying this January to start september @the East Jefferson location. Congrats on your acceptance!
  5. by   whodat1986
    No problem! I know y'all probably have a lot of questions. It's definitely mostly day. Class usually starts at 8 or 9 depending on the teacher. We usually get out by early afternoon. But to be honest, our schedule changes all the time. We had a lot of free time with the first 2 classes (pharm and fundamentals), as in 4 or 5 day weekends, but with the adult health I class we're doing now, my weekends aren't really weekends since I spend all day studying and doing clinical paper work.

    The clinical schedule changes with every class. Right now we have 2 groups who go on Th/F and have sat/sun weekends, and the other 2 groups go to clinicals sat/sun and have th/f weekends. If you're going to have a job, it would definitely have to be VERY flexible. We have only 1 or 2 people I know of who have jobs right now and seem to be doing fine. And we also have a ton of single moms who are making excellent grades and doing well in clinicals! It's just all about time management.

    I don't have the notes. Unfortunately, mine are written. But to be honest, it really wouldn't do much good to use older classes' notes anyway. The book is Clinical Drug Therapy by Abrams. If you really want to study ahead, I would just go over your anatomy and patho really well. And the sympathetic nervous system, different types of receptors, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone, just the basic things you need to know to understand how drugs work. But you really will be fine if you wait to study when you start the program.

    And curiousKayPee, you have no idea how badly we all want May to be here! Classes just got more difficult and time-consuming the past couple of weeks.
  6. by   curiousKayPee
    Whodat1986: I'm so glad to hear about all the successful people who have other things outside of class and are surviving, my stomach eased a little when I read that!
    You are so close to finishing one more semester left, I'm so jealous, can't wait to be there almost finished.
    I know your schedule is becoming very tight, but if you have any down time or it cross your mind, please send some updates on how things are going!
    Thanks again!!!
  7. by   Dream2BeNP

    Does anyone know what books are going to be used for the first semester classes with their respective editions? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
  8. by   bundi356
    The book noted above is correct. I was in the class with her. The class is not "easy". There is a ton of reading. I was in the same class in east Met and got a 79.6 so will be heading back to NOLA in January to retake.

    The book is Clinical Drug Therapy - rationales for Nursing Practice Ninth Edition. You should be able to buy your books online at Chimes Bookstore - based out of Baton Rouge. They shipped the books literatally within a few days. There is a CD in the book and a scratch off password that are needed if you want some extra help with problems etc

    Unless you really understand drugs already, go with her recommendation. I got A's in Anatomy and Physiology, and ended up behind the gun. Anatomy was all memorization. With Pharm, there isnt the amount of memorization except what are the effects of the difference drug classifications. You have to know and understand the classifications of drugs, the primary drugs of each classification and the indicators, contra-indicators, the effects, and side effects and the antidotes for over doeses or toxicity etc.

    The class is not taught in a direct chapter order. I do have copies of the old class notes. The class notes are either word or Power Point presentations. Send me an email at my scn name at the yahoo. if you would like copies. The personal notes are not on the slides. Typically I would print them at 3 slides per page in the notes fashion. That way you can add your class notes directly on the page with the notes and save 2/3 of the paper.

    There are several things discussed in class that are not clear in the book. Additionally there is also a book for drug calculations. The medical dictionary isnt necessary if you have an internet phone or I phone with a medical app on it. Several in class had it and it gave you really good results and mobile so they could pull them up in class real quickly. The dictionary was good for me only if there was a term that I didnt understand.

    Medical dosage is 5-15% of each of the three tests. In Fundamental I you have to get a 100% on the dosage calculations to progress. I believe you get three attempts. That was the only part I aced.

    Are any of you guys moving to NOLA from out of town. I think Im the oldest in the class. 45 and still active. Have a BSIE and currently interviewing for a few plant manager positions. Have been doing that the past 6-8 years

    Another note. There are a few areas/chapters of the book that arent covered if at all in the class. After 6-8 hours of Cardio, the chapter on Lipids and some of the viral issues were covered extremely quickly and briefly. The chapter on lipids wasnt covered at all but with a few issues the following day. There are only three tests. They are not really cummulative but you need to understand the concepts in ANS and the early chapters to get through CNS, GI etc. Based on the class timing, the 3rd test has the least amount of time between chapters.

    Prior to coming back to class, I will reading each chapter and doing the questions at the end of each chapter. The only questions in the book with answers are the Knowledge Application question internal to each chapter.
    Answer to the NCLEX questions have answers and rational on the CD that comes with the book. I dont know where the answers are for the Short Answer Exercises at the end of each question, but most you can find in the chapter.

    The last think is NOTE CARDS. Start them now! I didnt do the note cards until too late. Even though you may not thick you need them, they help you retain the information by righting it the 2nd or 3rd time. Most people had their personal note cards and also a spread sheet of the drugs. We also had a guy who had been in Medical school and he truely understood the processes by which the drugs worked. Albert was a great help.

    PS you would also set up a study group ASAP. You all probably have and orientation next month and then we start with what I call Nursing 101. Not sure if I will sit through that again since I passed that one, but that would be a good place to dicide who will be in your study group.

    Again if you want to get copies of the notes/presentations, please send me an email - same scn name at the yahoo.
  9. by   bundi356
    I forgot to answer your 2nd question regarding working. There were several students in the class that were single parents and at least 5-6 that I knew had other jobs. One was a bartender near tulane and a few worked at the hostipal as CNA's. One was an employee but didnt take any hours until after they got through Pharma.

    I made the mistake about not moving to the 2nd or 3rd test material until after the previous section test. MISTAKE. The last two sections move at the rate of about 20 chapters per week. It is almost impossible to keep up. The first test was given after about 3 days of test two material was given. Albert also had a great idea record the lectures so you can re-listen to it later. There are some comment made in class that will be on the test. If you disregard them, you may not recall them while taking the test.
  10. by   curiousKayPee
    bundi356 - wow I thought that as long as you have a C or better in the courses, you passed! Thanks for letting us know the toughness of the program.
  11. by   bundi356
    Thats true, but C's end at 80.
  12. by   curiousKayPee
    OMG! I'm glad you told me, I'm thinking a C is at the least a 75, that's what most health care programs require, at least it is like that where I live. Thanks again for the info!
  13. by   bundi356
    Ok fellow tulane January, Just remember we will be covering 15-20 chapters for each test. Test one takes two weeks since that also includes most of the instruction for dosage calculations. There is also an ATI system, If you have used blackboard you may want to get some instruction on day 1 out side of class. Also there is something called ATI it takes your testing process. The tests for Pharma are only practice. The real Prama test is take in late 2nd term or early 3rd term. Out fees for the first semester were about $4200. The Second term I think was higher $6500 and the 3rd semester was about 4000 or 5000.

    As for apts. There are a bunch of places with a few miles of the tulane medical center. If you dont know where it is, it is next door to the superdome. There are some warehouse apartments that are nice and near the hospital but they are about 1000 to 1400 for a two bedroom . I found a few places in the Qtr but they are $600-$800 for a small (300 sq ft) apt. The rest of the places are either apartments 1-2 blocks off St. Charles (nice area) or near Tulane/Loyola - but those are more room for rent then actual apartments.

    There are a few one bedroom apts that I lived looked at was going to move in at the end of the semester run on TOnti There is one on Lake in Meterare and one about 1 mile from East Jefferson General Hospital. They had 1 brs for $450 per month will to sign a 6 month student lease then month to month after. My landlord was a crook that I will probably have to take to court to get my security and last days of rent along with my furniture that I left there. I didnt have a lease and the prick is try to charge me not only the secruity and the last 10 days of rent, but also additional money to change a step clean fees of $10 per day and money to fix a pump. The cleaning, pump and etc. are cmpletely disputable since they did happend and he said he doesnt have to share the info with me.

    they usually talk about uniforms after the 2nd test. There is no reason to get the shoes and 150 dollars in uniforms if your are not progressing. The showes have to be all white and cannot have any canvas on them including the tongue. Not to many size 13/14 white shoes out there. You might want to start looking. There are some mens tennis shoes that qualify. Most are a form of crocs.

    Kenner is another 5-8 miles from the school. The highway from Tulane to a mess in the morning west bound. Not sure how east bound going downtown is. If I cant score a rental more near the school will be looking at Tonti in Metarie for a one bedroom. The one nearest EJGH dint have a pool. the one on Lake had a pool.

    As for working, I think you would be able to have a prn type job especially weekends. In funds I not sure one you are in clinicals.

    Anyone hit me up if you would like to share an apartment. You have to comfortable to a gay roomate. I have a committed and civially united partner for over 12 years and he will be coming to NOLA every two or three weeks. He will be spending a lot more time in June - early August when he is off for the summer.

    So now, 1) do you know the difference between generic and brand names, How about who or what chooses the genaric name and brand name. Do you what the adrenergic, antiadrenergic, colenergic and anticolenergic drugs do?

    Need to know all that for the first test if I recall. compeleted all of chapter 1-5 and also 16-19. have to finish chapter 20 and 21. and then take all the questions in the book, in the study guide and in the Online examples on The Point which you get in the book and then the test questions on the ATI study guide. Different the others.

    Haave good one. Hope all are ready and psyched.

    Im asking my partner for white shoes and good stethiscope for christmas this year and maybe a inside cabin on a cruise to the Mexico. we did that 3-4 years ago and had a blast. If anyone is coming into the nola for the orientation you can get a hotel in or near the qtr on priceline for about 45-60 per night. met a few of my class mates before and after the orientation. Parking is the problem. You can try to park at different places, but I would recommend one of the central parking lots one to two blocks off of the qtr. The hotel was charging $30/day or over night. You can park at the central lot for about 8 dollars. They werent attended were within two blocks of the hotel and you had in out without have to pay extra. If you are driving in, you will be using the car for the orientation. I might come in for some of the days since I havent been to the tulane med center. There will be free parking for student near the class area per Dr. chauvin.