IV Certification in Shreveport for LPN

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    Does anyone have information on where I can get certification for IV therapy in the Shreveport area?

    Thanks for all your help!!

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    Lsu hospital has one for 125.00. It's all computer based but it has to be done at the hospital. If you don't pass the test the first time they go over it with you them you retake the same test as early as the next day. It's not hard at all, just boring
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    thank you...that is a great help!!
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    there is no hands on training with that course? I am a sahm/LPN, looking to reenter the work force after 3years and I see most of the hospitals want you to be IV certified.
    Any other places in town or bossier for IV certification?
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    Hands on comes in the facility. They don't expect you to be able to do this process well, you just have to be certified to perform it. The process itself requires certification. Most people do very few IV's unless they work full time in a facility. Just get the certification. Believe me there are RN's who aren't efficient in this because they don't have to do it often. It comes with practice, it's not perfected in a training session. LSU is one of the few programs where you don't have to work at the facility to take the course. WK may have one also.
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    thanks citigyrl! I have on the job experience with blood draws, but not with hanging fluids etc. I will call LSU this week, hopefully they will have something coming up
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    Glad I could help. Most nurses I have worked with don't mind helping. Be honest and let them know if you haven't done a procedure. I worked mainly in a nursing home when I first started as a LPN. I had no clue how the hospital was ran. Hanging fluids are easier than drawing blood so you should be fine. Most things are preprogrammed but the machines are different from each facility. Don't be afraid to ask. Just be confident. I know the feeling I've been there. good luck!
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    Thanks for the voice of confidence!!
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    here is the reply from LSU I got via email:

    "We do offer a IV therapy course for people outside of hospital, but we do not do the check offs for anyone outside of hospital. If you know where you are going to work and there is a RN with a BSN degree who is willing to check you off, then you may receive a certificate of completion. The cost is $150 for non LSUHSC-S employees. If this does not answer your questions about IV therapy, please call me. Thank you for your interest"
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    try vo-tech (louisiana technical college of shreveport/bossier)

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