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Just need to vent!! :sniff: I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for the way I feel. I prayed soo hard for this job and there are so many ppl looking for a job and wishing they were in my shoes. But I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS... Read More

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    I'm glad that things are improving with the coworkers at least, but it sounds like you are learning a lot. I bet you are learning all your body systems and getting a good review of everything we learned in school. I'm afraid of all those things that you mentioned. As it is, time management isn't my strong point. I'm going to start applying this week. If can get a job and bypass med-surg and just work where I'm a tech, I'm gonna take that. It won't be nearly as diverse as med-surg or tele, but it would still be good experience. However, I still have 4 weeks left with school, and this last semester has been brutal. With all these busywork assignments and all the different instructors, its like a big guessing game trying to prepare for the tests. I'm counting down the days and crossing my fingers that I will get out and not blow the next test or the final.

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    all the time management in the world can not help a saturated, near impossible workload assignment.
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    Did you ever get away from med/surg? I did clinicals on a med/surg floor there when they had team nursing & that floor was a beast! Hope all is better for you😊

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