Hi All!

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    Hi to all Louisiana nurses from here in the Northwest Corner of our fair state. I work in Shreveport. Hope to talk to ya'll soon.


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    Hi Shiela- i am not a nurse yet But hope to be a LPN real soon and then continue my education to get my RN, I am hoping to get my ADN at LSUE but the waiting list seem to be extremely long

    I am just wondering if u make a pretty good living in LA as and RN, I am just assuming u are one
    And do u think that LPN's are use greatly out there where u are, they seem to be use a lot out here from what i can tell, but i really would like to know other La nurses opinions are about this

    I hear most LPN here make $15-$20+ out here ( lafayette,. Which i think is an good salary compared to some states i see
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    I'm a nuring student at LSU-A.
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    Originally posted by MitchF
    I'm a nuring student at LSU-A.
    Hi Mitch,
    Did u find LSU-A hard to get in i have heared that LSU-E as a long waiting list and they pick only certain students who, have tried to take more than the pre-req course, GPA, and those that have some experience in health care already. This is why i am doing the LPN program for 18 months first before i apply, I am hoping this shorten my wait
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    The pay is pretty good up here for both LPN's and RN's. NSU has a good bridge program for LPN to RN and also a good ADN program. Good luck in school we need more nurses Oh yeah, I am a RN graduate of NSU's ADN program back in 1991
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    LSU-A accepts around 60 students twice a year so your chances of getting in are better than LSU-E. Since they accept more students you can get in with a lower GPA.
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    Hello there. I live in Mississippi but am licensed in Louisiana. I work as an LPN in the New Orleans area and I think the money is pretty good.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I currently live in Michigan working on my ADN, I am from New Orleans.
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    Hi, I graduated from LSU-E, then went to USL (when it was still USL), and now am at Loyola in the NP program.
    I am currently nursing in Lafayette. We have several new hospitals opening soon, so if any of you students are looking for a job, they should have some here!
    What about in other areas of LA? Are many new hospitals going up?
    I'm wondering what's going to happen at LSU medical center today, the ax is supposed to fall.
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    I am an Army RN, living in Leesville, working at the Army hospital in OB. I just joined the Army last year and gave up my nice fat civilian paycheck. The pay right now is very good although the work can be pretty demanding. How is the nursing shortage affecting everyone?

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