Has anyone attended Delgado Community College?

  1. Hello, I am currently living in NW Florida. I received my LPN diploma at a community college in the Florida panhandle. The program was NOT accredited by the NLN. I am very interested in getting my associates degree in nursing at Delgado Community College. I like the fact that it is accredited; I also noticed that Delgado's website states that the nursing program is ranked 8th in the nation for associate degrees- this is a definite plus!

    However, I am interested in any opinions of its program, particularly if you are a graduate.


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  3. by   Cheri O
    I Have attended Delgado Comm. College and I am a diploma graduate from the Charity Hospital School of Nursing. Charity Hospital School of Nursing was merged into DCC a few years ago and became an ADN program. Great school. I currently work with some Charity - Delgado nursing students in the clinical setting with their instructor. They are well prepared in the clinical setting. If you have anymore questions, please e-mail and I will answer. Good Luck......
  4. by   akumal
    I'm attending Delgado/charity school of nursing right now and I have a few suggestions.

    1. Before you do anything, have your transcript evaluated by Delgado. This may well have a bearing on your decision.
    You say that your school was not credited so it would benefit you to know what courses Delgado will accept from you. You may discover that you have to repeat courses and this could cost you valuable time in your quest.

    2. Delgado is very competitive and as I understand it, locals have the edge in getting accepted into the nursing program. So, again,
    find out what the deal is here.

    3. The LPNs who are licensed and have 2 years of experience finish their ADN program in 1 year. If you are NOT licensed then you may find you have to start from scratch! The program is 2 years long. This could be a real downer for you.

    4. Tell me more about your situation and I'll give you all the advise about getting in that I can.

  5. by   mucilage madge
    Turtle and Cheri O, thank you so much for your reply! I am sorry I am late with my "thank you", but I have not visited Allnurses.com in ages.

    I really appreciate you info, but I have decided to move to a different part of the country. However, I wish you the best of luck with your nursing education. I have heard from three very trustworthy sources that Delgado has an excellent nursing program!

    Thank you again...

    mucilage madge
  6. by   nicmoe
    hi i am new to this site but I am a LPN currently living in wisconsin i have my diploma from an accredited school of nursing with 4 years of experience. I would like to relocate to louisiana and have plans to get my ADN at Delgado I am a single mom of 2 I dont really know what the pay of a LPN in Louisiana I will have to work and go to school. The pay I assume is less than Wisconsin. A new LPN graduate base hourly wage is start at $17.00 hr. I currently make $22.25 an hour and I work temporary agency at $28.00-$30.00 hr

    nicmoe please feel free to reply
  7. by   ddc101
    Nicmoe with experience you will find comparable rates in La.Especially if you are willing to do agency.Farewell.