Does RNs or nursing students around here use PDAs?

  1. I am a nursing student just starting my first semester. I always read forums on this about how helpful students and RNs says they are. Anyone use them??? Are they worth it?
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  3. by   glascow
    I definitely think they are worth it. I use mine all the time, at work (ICU) and for school (NP student).

    I have a Tungsten E2.
  4. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Hi - if you scroll over a page, you'll see a thread linked to the General Nursing Forum that asks almost same question, with many replies! I put my own reply there too but I'll answer here again for you: I use a Palm Treo, with Tabers & Lipincott's on it, and used it through most of nursing school. It was almost the best investment I ever made!
  5. by   Cmunst45636
    I am a nursing student just started at charity and I am wondering if any other students use them there?? Thanks everyone for the input. I have heard good things about them...but I would have to learn how to use them.
  6. by   dsoginer
    Ok give, what is a PDA?
  7. by   drumwhacker
    A PDA is a "personal digital Assistant", a generic term for many handheld computers used to store data, run software, etc. See this site for tons of info and related links:

    I've been using an HP hx4700 Pocket PC (now discontinued) since I started nursing school. I used it to take notes in class (with a bluetooth keyboard) and as a replacement for a boatload of reference books. In addition to those uses, I am also able to use it to wirelessly access the 'net both at home and at work. For my purposes, it basically serves as a laptop computer replacement.

    The most useful feature at work has been all the drug references that I've loaded. My favorite software site is, but there are many others. I believe that anyone who is reasonably computer-literate (or is simply willing to learn) will be able to benefit from a PDA.

    Best Wishes